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Job 41:26 plusieurs versions / traductions

English Bible Translations

Job 41:26 / KJV
26. The sword of him that layeth at him cannot hold: the spear, the dart, nor the habergeon.
Job 41:26 / ASV
26. If one lay at him with the sword, it cannot avail; Nor the spear, the dart, nor the pointed shaft.
Job 41:26 / BasicEnglish
26. The sword may come near him but is not able to go through him; the spear, or the arrow, or the sharp-pointed iron.
Job 41:26 / Darby
26. If any reach him with a sword, it cannot hold; neither spear, nor dart, nor harpoon.
Job 41:26 / Webster
26. The sword of him that attacketh him cannot hold: the spear, the dart, nor the habergeon.
Job 41:26 / Young
26. The sword of his overtaker standeth not, Spear -- dart -- and lance.

German Bible Translations

Hiob 41:26 / Luther
26. 41:18 Wenn man zu ihm will mit dem Schwert, so regt er sich nicht, oder mit Spieß, Geschoß und Panzer.
Hiob 41:26 / Schlachter
26. (H41-18) Greift man es mit dem Schwerte an, so haftet dieses nicht, kein Speer, kein Wurfspieß und kein Pfeil.

French Bible Translations

Job 41:26 / Segond21
26. Il défie tout ce qui est grand, il est le roi des plus fiers animaux.»
Job 41:26 / Segond
26. C'est en vain qu'on l'attaque avec l'épée; La lance, le javelot, la cuirasse, ne servent à rien.
Job 41:26 / Darby_Fr
26. (41:17) Quand on l'atteint de l'épée, elle n'a aucun effet, ni la lance, ni le dard, ni la cuirasse.

Versions with Strong Codes

Job 41 / KJV_Strong
26. The sword[H2719] of him that layeth[H5381] at him cannot[H1097] hold:[H6965] the spear,[H2595] the dart,[H4551] nor the habergeon.[H8302]

Strong Code definitions

H2719 chereb kheh'-reb from H2717; drought; also a cutting instrument (from its destructive effect), as a knife, sword, or other sharp implement:--axe, dagger, knife, mattock, sword, tool. see H2717

H5381 nasag naw-sag' a primitive root; to reach (literally orfiguratively):--ability, be able, attain (unto), (be able to, can) get, lay at, put, reach, remove, wax rich, X surely, (over-)take (hold of, on, upon).

H1097 bliy bel-ee' from H1086; properly, failure, i.e. nothing or destruction; usually (with preposition) without, not yet, because not, as long as, etc.:--corruption, ig(norantly), for lack of, where, so that no, none, not, un(awares), without.see H1086

H6965 quwm koom a primitive root; to rise (in various applications, literal, figurative, intensive and causative):--abide, accomplish, X be clearer, confirm, continue, decree, X be dim, endure, X enemy, enjoin, get up, make good, help, hold, (help to) lift up (again), make, X but newly, ordain, perform, pitch, raise (up), rear (up), remain, (a-)rise (up) (again, against), rouse up, set (up), (e-)stablish, (make to) stand (up), stir up, strengthen, succeed, (as-, make) sure(-ly), (be) up(-hold, - rising).

H2595 chaniyth khan-eeth' from H2583; a lance (for thrusting, like pitching a tent):--javelin, spear.see H2583

H4551 macca` mas-saw' from H5265 in the sense of projecting; a missile (spear or arrow); also a quarry (whence stones are, as it were, ejected):--before it was brought, dart.see H5265

H8302 shiryown shir-yone' or shiryon {shir-yone'}; and shiryan {shir- yawn'}; also (feminine) shiryah {shir-yaw'}; and shiryonah {shir-yo-naw'}; from H8281 in the original sense of turning; a corslet (as if twisted):--breastplate, coat of mail, habergeon, harness.See 5630.see H8281 see H5630

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