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Job 41:14 plusieurs versions / traductions

English Bible Translations

Job 41:14 / KJV
14. Who can open the doors of his face? his teeth are terrible round about.
Job 41:14 / ASV
14. Who can open the doors of his face? Round about his teeth is terror.
Job 41:14 / BasicEnglish
14. Who has made open the doors of his face? Fear is round about his teeth.
Job 41:14 / Darby
14. Who can open the doors of his face? Round about his teeth is terror.
Job 41:14 / Webster
14. Who can open the doors of his face? his teeth are terrible around.
Job 41:14 / Young
14. The doors of his face who hath opened? Round about his teeth [are] terrible.

German Bible Translations

Hiob 41:14 / Luther
14. 41:6 Wer kann die Kinnbacken seines Antlitzes auftun? Schrecklich stehen seine Zähne umher.
Hiob 41:14 / Schlachter
14. (H41-6) Wer öffnet die Türen seines Rachens? Seine Zähne verbreiten Schrecken.

French Bible Translations

Job 41:14 / Segond21
14. La force se loge dans son cou. Devant lui on bondit d'épouvante.
Job 41:14 / NEG1979
14. Ses parties charnues tiennent ensemble, Fondues sur lui, inébranlables.
Job 41:14 / Segond
14. Qui ouvrira les portes de sa gueule? Autour de ses dents habite la terreur.
Job 41:14 / Darby_Fr
14. (41:5) Qui ouvrira les portes de son museau? Autour de ses dents est la terreur!
Job 41:14 / Martin
14. Sa chair est ferme, tout est massif en lui, rien n'y branle.
Job 41:14 / Ostervald
14. Les fanons de sa chair sont adhérents; ils sont massifs, inébranlables.

Versions with Strong Codes

Job 41 / KJV_Strong
14. Who[H4310] can open[H6605] the doors[H1817] of his face?[H6440] his teeth[H8127] are terrible[H367] round about.[H5439]

Strong Code definitions

H4310 miy me an interrogative pronoun of persons, as H4100 is of things, who? (occasionally, by a peculiar idiom, of things); also (indefinitely) whoever; often used in oblique construction with prefix or suffix:--any (man), X he, X him, + O that! what, which, who(-m, -se, -soever), + would to God.see H4100

H6605 pathach paw-thakh' a primitive root; to open wide (literally or figuratively); specifically, to loosen, begin, plough, carve:--appear, break forth, draw (out), let go free, (en-)grave(-n), loose (self), (be, be set) open(-ing), put off, ungird, unstop, have vent.

H1817 deleth deh'-leth from H1802; something swinging, i.e. the valve of a door:--door (two-leaved), gate, leaf, lid. (In Psa. 141:3, dal, irreg.).see H1802

H6440 paniym paw-neem' plural (but always as singular) of an unused noun (paneh{paw-neh'}; from H6437); the face (as the part that turns); used in a great variety of applications (literally and figuratively); also (with prepositional prefix) as a preposition (before, etc.):--+ accept, a-(be- )fore(-time), against, anger, X as (long as), at, + battle, + because (of),+ beseech, countenance, edge, + employ, endure, + enquire, face, favour, fear of, for, forefront(-part), form(-ertime, -ward), from, front, heaviness, X him(-self), + honourable, + impudent, + in, it, look(-eth) (- s), X me, + meet, X more than, mouth, of, off, (of) old (time), X on, open, + out of, over against, the partial, person, + please, presence, propect, was purposed, by reason of, + regard, right forth, + serve, X shewbread, sight, state, straight, + street,X thee, X them(-selves), through (+ - out), till, time(-s) past, (un-)to(-ward), + upon, upside (+ down), with(- in,+ -stand), X ye, X you. see H6437

H8127 shen shane from H8150; a tooth (as sharp); specifically (for H8143) ivory; figuratively, a cliff:--crag, X forefront, ivory, X sharp, tooth.see H8150 see H8143

H367 'eymah ay-maw' or (shortened) remah {ay-maw'}; from the same as H366; fright; concrete, an idol (as a bugbear):--dread, fear, horror, idol, terrible, terror.see H366

H5439 cabiyb saw-beeb' or (feminine) cbiybah {seb-ee-baw'}; from H5437; (as noun) a circle, neighbour, or environs; but chiefly (as adverb, with or without preposition) around:--(place, round) about, circuit, compass, on every side.see H5437

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