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Job 41:12 plusieurs versions / traductions

English Bible Translations

Job 41:12 / KJV
12. I will not conceal his parts, nor his power, nor his comely proportion.
Job 41:12 / ASV
12. I will not keep silence concerning his limbs, Nor his mighty strength, nor his goodly frame.
Job 41:12 / BasicEnglish
12. I will not keep quiet about the parts of his body, or about his power, and the strength of his frame.
Job 41:12 / Darby
12. I will not be silent as to his parts, the story of his power, and the beauty of his structure.
Job 41:12 / Webster
12. I will not conceal his parts, nor his power, nor his comely proportion.
Job 41:12 / Young
12. I do not keep silent concerning his parts, And the matter of might, And the grace of his arrangement.

German Bible Translations

Hiob 41:12 / Luther
12. 41:4 Dazu muß ich nun sagen, wie groß, wie mächtig und wohlgeschaffen er ist. {~}
Hiob 41:12 / Schlachter
12. (H41-4) Ich will von seinen Gliedern nicht schweigen, sondern reden von seiner großen und schönen Gestalt.

French Bible Translations

Job 41:12 / Segond21
12. Une fumée sort de ses narines, comme d'une marmite qui bout ou d'un chaudron surchauffé.
Job 41:12 / NEG1979
12. Son souffle allume les charbons, Sa gueule lance la flamme.
Job 41:12 / Segond
12. Je veux encore parler de ses membres, Et de sa force, et de la beauté de sa structure.
Job 41:12 / Darby_Fr
12. (41:3) Je ne me tairai pas sur ses membres, sur ce qui concerne ses forces et sur la beauté de sa structure.
Job 41:12 / Martin
12. Son souffle enflammerait des charbons, et une flamme sort de sa gueule.
Job 41:12 / Ostervald
12. Son souffle enflammerait des charbons, et une flamme sort de sa gueule.

Versions with Strong Codes

Job 41 / KJV_Strong
12. I will not[H3808] conceal[H2790] his parts,[H905] nor[H1697] his power,[H1369] nor his comely[H2433] proportion.[H6187]

Strong Code definitions

H3808 lo' lo or lowi {lo}; or loh (Deut. 3:11) {lo}; a primitive particle; not (the simple or abs. negation); by implication, no; often used with other particles (as follows):--X before, + or else, ere, + except, ig(-norant), much, less, nay, neither, never, no((-ne), -r, (-thing)), (X as though...,(can-), for) not (out of), of nought, otherwise, out of, + surely, + as truly as, + of a truth, + verily, for want, + whether, without.

H2790 charash khaw-rash' a primitive root; to scratch, i.e. (by implication) to engrave, plough; hence (from the use of tools) to fabricate (of any material); figuratively, to devise (in a bad sense); hence (from the idea of secrecy) to be silent, to let alone; hence (by implication) to be deaf (as an accompaniment of dumbness):--X altogether, cease, conceal, be deaf, devise, ear, graven, imagine, leave off speaking, hold peace, plow(-er, man), be quiet, rest, practise secretly, keep silence, be silent, speak not a word, be still, hold tongue, worker.

H905 bad bad from H909; properly, separation; by implication, a part of the body, branch of a tree, bar for carrying; figuratively, chief of a city; especially (with prepositional prefix) as an adverb, apart, only, besides:--alone, apart, bar, besides, branch, by self, of each alike, except, only, part, staff, strength.see H909

H1697 dabar daw-baw' from H1696; a word; by implication, a matter (as spoken of) or thing; adverbially, a cause:--act, advice, affair, answer, X any such (thing), because of, book, business, care, case, cause, certain rate, + chronicles, commandment, X commune(-ication), + concern(-ing), + confer, counsel, + dearth, decree, deed, X disease, due, duty, effect, +eloquent, errand, (evil favoured-)ness, + glory, + harm, hurt,+ iniquity, + judgment, language, + lying, manner, matter, message, (no) thing, oracle, X ought, X parts, + pertaining, + please, portion, + power, promise, provision, purpose, question, rate, reason, report, request, X (as hast) said, sake, saying, sentence, + sign, + so, some (uncleanness),somewhat to say, + song, speech, X spoken, talk, task, + that, X there done, thing (concerning), thought, + thus, tidings, what(-soever), + wherewith, which, word, work.see H1696

H1369 gbuwrah gheb-oo-raw' feminine passive participle from the same as H1368; force (literally or figuratively); by implication, valor, victory:-- force, mastery, might, mighty (act, power), power, strength. see H1368

H2433 chiyn kheen another form for H2580; beauty:--comely. see H2580

H6187 `erek eh'rek from H6186; a pile, equipment, estimate:--equal, estimation, (things that are set in) order, price, proportion, X set at, suit, taxation, X valuest.see H6186

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