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Job 30:7 plusieurs versions / traductions

English Bible Translations

Job 30:7 / KJV
7. Among the bushes they brayed; under the nettles they were gathered together.
Job 30:7 / ASV
7. Among the bushes they bray; Under the nettles they are gathered together.
Job 30:7 / BasicEnglish
7. They make noises like asses among the brushwood; they get together under the thorns.
Job 30:7 / Darby
7. They bray among the bushes; under the brambles they are gathered together:
Job 30:7 / Webster
7. Among the bushes they brayed; under the nettles they were collected.
Job 30:7 / Young
7. Among shrubs they do groan, Under nettles they are gathered together.

German Bible Translations

Hiob 30:7 / Luther
7. zwischen den Büschen rufen sie, und unter den Disteln sammeln sie sich:
Hiob 30:7 / Schlachter
7. Im Gebüsche kreischen sie und liegen unter Nesseln hingestreckt.

French Bible Translations

Job 30:7 / Segond21
7. ils hurlent au milieu des buissons, ils s'entassent près des broussailles.
Job 30:7 / NEG1979
7. Ils hurlent parmi les buissons, Ils se rassemblent sous les ronces.
Job 30:7 / Segond
7. Ils hurlent parmi les buissons, Ils se rassemblent sous les ronces.
Job 30:7 / Darby_Fr
7. Ils hurlent parmi les broussailles, ils se rassemblent sous les ronces:
Job 30:7 / Martin
7. Ils faisaient du bruit entre les arbrisseaux, et ils s'attroupaient entre les chardons.
Job 30:7 / Ostervald
7. On les entend braire dans les buissons, ils s'étendent pêle-mêle sous les chardons;

Versions with Strong Codes

Job 30 / KJV_Strong
7. Among[H996] the bushes[H7880] they brayed;[H5101] under[H8478] the nettles[H2738] they were gathered together.[H5596]

Strong Code definitions

H996 beyn bane (sometimes in the plural masculine or feminine); properly,the constructive form of an otherwise unused noun from H995; a distinction; but used only as a prep, between (repeated before each noun, often with other particles); also as a conjunction, either...or:--among, asunder, at, between (-twixt...and), +from (the widest), X in, out of, whether (it be...or), within. see H995

H7880 siyach see'-akh from H7878; a shoot (as if uttered or put forth), i.e. (generally) shrubbery:--bush, plant, shrub.see H7878

H5101 nahaq naw-hak' a primitive root; to bray (as an ass), scream (from hunger:--bray.

H8478 tachath takh'-ath from the same as H8430; the bottom (as depressed); only adverbially, below (often with prepositional prefix underneath), in lieu of, etc.:--as, beneath, X flat,in(-stead), (same) place (, room, for...sake, stead of, under, X unto, X when...was mine, whereas, (where-)fore, with.see H8430

H2738 charuwl khaw-rool' or (shortened) charul {khaw-rool'}; apparently, a passive participle of an unused root probably meaning to be prickly; properly, pointed, i.e. a bramble or other thorny weed: nettle.

H5596 caphach saw-fakh' or saphach (Isaiah 3:17) {saw-fakh'}; a primitive root; properly, to scrape out, but in certain peculiar senses (of removal or association):--abiding, gather together, cleave, smite with the scab.

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