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Job 19:25 plusieurs versions / traductions

English Bible Translations

Job 19:25 / KJV
25. For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:
Job 19:25 / ASV
25. But as for me I know that my Redeemer liveth, And at last he will stand up upon the earth:
Job 19:25 / BasicEnglish
25. But I am certain that he who will take up my cause is living, and that in time to come he will take his place on the dust;
Job 19:25 / Darby
25. And [as for] me, I know that my Redeemer liveth, and the Last, he shall stand upon the earth;
Job 19:25 / Webster
25. For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he will stand at the latter day upon the earth:
Job 19:25 / Young
25. That -- I have known my Redeemer, The Living and the Last, For the dust he doth rise.

German Bible Translations

Hiob 19:25 / Luther
25. Aber ich weiß, daß mein Erlöser lebt; und als der letzte wird er über dem Staube sich erheben.
Hiob 19:25 / Schlachter
25. Ich weiß, daß mein Erlöser lebt, und er wird zuletzt über dem Staube stehen.

French Bible Translations

Job 19:25 / Segond21
25. »Pour ma part, je sais que celui qui me rachète est vivant et qu'il se lèvera le dernier sur la terre.
Job 19:25 / NEG1979
25. Mais je sais que mon Rédempteur est vivant, Et qu’il se lèvera le dernier sur la terre.
Job 19:25 / Segond
25. Mais je sais que mon rédempteur est vivant, Et qu'il se lèvera le dernier sur la terre.
Job 19:25 / Darby_Fr
25. Et moi, je sais que mon rédempteur est vivant, et que, le dernier, il sera debout sur la terre;
Job 19:25 / Martin
25. Car je sais que mon Rédempteur est vivant, et qu'il demeurera le dernier sur la terre.
Job 19:25 / Ostervald
25. Pour moi, je sais que mon Rédempteur est vivant, qu'à la fin il se lèvera sur la terre,

Versions with Strong Codes

Job 19 / KJV_Strong
25. For I[H589] know[H3045] that my redeemer[H1350] liveth,[H2416] and that he shall stand[H6965] at the latter[H314] day upon[H5921] the earth: [H6083]

Strong Code definitions

H589 'aniy an-ee' contracted from H595; I:--I, (as for) me, mine, myself, we, X which, X who.see H595

H3045 yada` yaw-dah' a primitive root; to know (properly, to ascertain by seeing); used in a great variety of senses, figuratively, literally, euphemistically and inferentially (including observation, care, recognition; and causatively, instruction, designation,punishment, etc.) (as follow):--acknowledge, acquaintance(-ted with), advise, answer, appoint, assuredly, be aware,(un-)awares, can(-not), certainly, comprehend, consider, X could they, cunning, declare, be diligent, (can, cause to) discern, discover, endued with, familiar friend, famous, feel, can have, be (ig-)norant, instruct, kinsfolk, kinsman, (causeto let, make) know, (come to give, have, take) knowledge, have (knowledge), (be, make, make to be, make self) known, + be learned, + lie by man, mark, perceive, privy to, X prognosticator, regard, have respect, skilful, shew, can (man of) skill, be sure, of a surety, teach, (can) tell,understand, have (understanding), X will be, wist, wit, wot.

H1350 ga'al gaw-al' a primitive root, to redeem (according to the Oriental law of kinship), i.e. to be the next of kin (and as such to buy backa relative's property, marry his widow, etc.):--X in any wise, X at all, avenger, deliver, (do, perform the part of near,next) kinsfolk(-man), purchase, ransom, redeem(-er), revenger.

H2416 chay khah'-ee from H2421; alive; hence, raw (flesh); fresh (plant, water, year), strong; also (as noun, especially in the feminine singular and masculine plural) life (or living thing), whether literally or figuratively:--+ age, alive, appetite, (wild)beast, company, congregation, life(-time), live(-ly), living (creature, thing), maintenance, + merry, multitude, + (be) old, quick, raw, running, springing, troop.see H2421

H6965 quwm koom a primitive root; to rise (in various applications, literal, figurative, intensive and causative):--abide, accomplish, X be clearer, confirm, continue, decree, X be dim, endure, X enemy, enjoin, get up, make good, help, hold, (help to) lift up (again), make, X but newly, ordain, perform, pitch, raise (up), rear (up), remain, (a-)rise (up) (again, against), rouse up, set (up), (e-)stablish, (make to) stand (up), stir up, strengthen, succeed, (as-, make) sure(-ly), (be) up(-hold, - rising).

H314 'acharown akh-ar-one' or (shortened) ;acharon {akh-ar-one'}; from H309; hinder; generally, late or last; specifically (as facing the east) western:--after (-ward), to come, following,hind(-er, -ermost, -most), last, latter, rereward, ut(ter)most.see H309

H5921 `al al properly, the same as H5920 used as a preposition (in the singular or plural often with prefix, or as conjunction with a particle following); above, over, upon, or against (yet always in this last relation with a downward aspect) in a great variety of applications (as follow):--above, accordingto(-ly), after, (as) against, among, and, X as, at, because of, beside (the rest of), between, beyond the time, X both and, by (reason of), X had the charge of, concerning for, in (that), (forth, out) of, (from) (off), (up-)on, over, than, through(-out), to, touching, X with.see H5920

H6083 `aphar aw-fawr' from H6080; dust (as powdered or gray); hence, clay, earth, mud:--ashes, dust, earth, ground, morter, powder, rubbish. see H6080

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