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Job 8:10 plusieurs versions / traductions

English Bible Translations

Job 8:10 / KJV
10. Shall not they teach thee, and tell thee, and utter words out of their heart?
Job 8:10 / ASV
10. Shall not they teach thee, and tell thee, And utter words out of their heart?
Job 8:10 / BasicEnglish
10. Will they not give you teaching, and say words of wisdom to you?
Job 8:10 / Darby
10. Shall not they teach thee, [and] tell thee, and utter words out of their heart?
Job 8:10 / Webster
10. Will they not teach thee, and tell thee, and utter words out of their heart?
Job 8:10 / Young
10. Do they not shew thee -- speak to thee, And from their heart bring forth words?

German Bible Translations

Hiob 8:10 / Luther
10. Sie werden dich's lehren und dir sagen und ihre Rede aus ihrem Herzen hervorbringen:
Hiob 8:10 / Schlachter
10. Fürwahr, sie werden dich belehren, sie können dir's sagen und Sprüche hervorholen aus ihrem Herzen:

French Bible Translations

Job 8:10 / Segond21
10. Eux, ne t'instruiront-ils pas? Certainement, ils te le diront, ils tireront de leur expérience ces propos:
Job 8:10 / NEG1979
10. Ils t’instruiront, ils te parleront, Ils tireront de leur cœur ces sentences:
Job 8:10 / Segond
10. Ils t'instruiront, ils te parleront, Ils tireront de leur coeur ces sentences:
Job 8:10 / Darby_Fr
10. Ceux-là ne t'enseigneront-ils pas, ne te parleront-ils pas, et de leurs coeurs ne tireront-ils pas des paroles?
Job 8:10 / Martin
10. Ceux-là ne t'enseigneront-ils pas, ne te parleront-ils pas, et ne tireront-ils pas des discours de leur cœur?
Job 8:10 / Ostervald
10. Mais eux, ne t'enseigneront-ils pas, ne te parleront-ils pas, ne tireront-ils pas de leur cœur ces discours:

Versions with Strong Codes

Job 8 / KJV_Strong
10. Shall not[H3808] they[H1992] teach[H3384] thee, and tell[H559] thee, and utter[H3318] words[H4405] out of their heart?[H4480] [H3820]

Strong Code definitions

H3808 lo' lo or lowi {lo}; or loh (Deut. 3:11) {lo}; a primitive particle; not (the simple or abs. negation); by implication, no; often used with other particles (as follows):--X before, + or else, ere, + except, ig(-norant), much, less, nay, neither, never, no((-ne), -r, (-thing)), (X as though...,(can-), for) not (out of), of nought, otherwise, out of, + surely, + as truly as, + of a truth, + verily, for want, + whether, without.

H1992 hem haym or (prolonged) hemmah {haym'-maw}; masculine plural from H1981; they (only used when emphatic):--it, like, X (how, so) many (soever, more as) they (be), (the) same, X so, X such, their, them, these, they, those, which, who, whom, withal, ye. see H1981

H3384 yarah yaw-raw' or (2 Chr. 26:15) yara; {yaw-raw'}; a primitive root; properly, to flow as water (i.e. to rain); transitively, to lay or throw (especially an arrow, i.e. to shoot); figuratively, to point out (as if by aiming the finger), toteach:--(+) archer, cast, direct, inform, instruct, lay, shew, shoot, teach(-er,-ing), through.

H559 'amar aw-mar' a primitive root; to say (used with greatlatitude):--answer, appoint, avouch, bid, boast self, call, certify, challenge, charge, + (at the, give) command(-ment), commune, consider, declare, demand, X desire, determine, X expressly, X indeed, X intend, name, X plainly, promise, publish, report, require, say, speak (against, of), X still, X suppose, talk, tell, term, X that is, X think, use (speech), utter, X verily, X yet.

H3318 yatsa' yaw-tsaw' a primitive root; to go (causatively, bring) out, in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively, direct and proxim.:--X after, appear, X assuredly, bear out, X begotten, break out, bring forth (out, up), carry out, come (abroad, out, thereat, without), + be condemned,depart(-ing, -ure), draw forth, in the end, escape, exact, fail, fall (out), fetch forth (out), get away (forth, hence, out), (able to, cause to, let) go abroad (forth, on, out), going out, grow, have forth (out), issue out, lay (lie) out, lead out, pluck out, proceed, pull out, put away, be risen, Xscarce, send with commandment, shoot forth, spread, spring out, stand out, X still, X surely, take forth (out), at any time, X to (and fro), utter.

H4405 millah mil-law' from H4448 (plural masculine as if from milleh {mil-leh'}; a word; collectively, a discourse; figuratively, a topic:--+ answer, by-word, matter, any thing (what) to say, to speak(-ing), speak, talking, word.see H4448

H4480 min min or minniy {min-nee'}; or minney (constructive plural){min-nay'}; (Isaiah 30:11); for H4482; properly, a part of; hence (prepositionally), from or out of in many senses (as follows):--above, after, among, at, because of, by (reason of), from (among), in, X neither, X nor, (out) of, over, since, X then, through, X whether, with.see H4482

H3820 leb labe a form of H3824; the heart; also used (figuratively) very widely for the feelings, the will and even the intellect; likewise for the centre of anything:--+ care for, comfortably, consent, X considered, courag(-eous), friend(-ly), ((broken-), (hard-), (merry-), (stiff-), (stout-), double) heart((-ed)), X heed, X I, kindly, midst, mind(-ed), X regard((-ed)), X themselves, X unawares, understanding, X well, willingly, wisdom.see H3824

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