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Ephesians 5:22 plusieurs versions / traductions

English Bible Translations

Ephesians 5:22 / KJV
22. Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
Ephesians 5:22 / ASV
22. Wives, [be in subjection] unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
Ephesians 5:22 / BasicEnglish
22. Wives, be under the authority of your husbands, as of the Lord.
Ephesians 5:22 / Darby
22. Wives, [submit yourselves] to your own husbands, as to the Lord,
Ephesians 5:22 / Webster
22. Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands, as to the Lord.
Ephesians 5:22 / Young
22. The wives! to your own husbands subject yourselves, as to the Lord,

German Bible Translations

Epheser 5:22 / Luther
22. Die Weiber seien untertan ihren Männern als dem HERRN.
Epheser 5:22 / Schlachter
22. Die Frauen seien ihren eigenen Männern untertan, als dem Herrn;

French Bible Translations

Éphésiens 5:22 / Segond21
22. Femmes, [soumettez-vous] à votre mari comme au Seigneur,
Éphésiens 5:22 / NEG1979
22. Femmes, que chacune soit soumise à son mari, comme au Seigneur;
Éphésiens 5:22 / Segond
22. Femmes, soyez soumises à vos maris, comme au Seigneur;
Éphésiens 5:22 / Darby_Fr
22. Femmes, soyez soumises à vos propres maris comme au Seigneur;
Éphésiens 5:22 / Martin
22. Femmes soyez soumises à vos maris, comme au Seigneur.
Éphésiens 5:22 / Ostervald
22. Femmes, soyez soumises à vos propres maris, comme au Seigneur,

Versions with Strong Codes

Ephesians 5 / KJV_Strong
22. Wives,[G1135] submit yourselves[G5293] unto your own[G2398] husbands,[G435] as[G5613] unto the[G3588] Lord.[G2962]

Strong Code definitions

G1135 gune/goo-nay' probably from the base of G1096; a woman; specially, a wife:--wife, woman. see G1096

G5293 hupotasso/hoop-ot-as'-so from G5259 and 5021; to subordinate; reflexively, to obey:--be under obedience (obedient), put under, subdue unto, (be, make) subject (to, unto), be (put) in subjection (to, under), submit self unto. see G5259 see G5021

G2398 idios/id'-ee-os of uncertain affinity; pertaining to self, i.e. one's own; by implication, private or separate:--X his acquaintance, when they were alone, apart, aside, due, his (own, proper, several), home, (her, our, thine, your) own (business), private(-ly), proper, severally, their (own).

G435 aner/an'-ayr a primary word (compare 444); a man (properly as an individual male):-fellow, husband, man, sir. see G444

G5613 hos/hoce probably adverb of comparative from G3739; which how, i.e. in that manner (very variously used, as follows):--about, after (that), (according) as (it had been, it were), as soon (as), even as (like), for, how (greatly), like (as, unto), since, so (that), that, to wit, unto, when(soever), while, X with all speed. see G3739

G3588 ho/ho, including the feminine to to in all their inflections; the definite article; the (sometimes to be supplied, at others omitted, in English idiom):--the, this, that, one, he, she, it, etc.

G2962 kurios/koo'-ree-os from kuros (supremacy); supreme in authority, i.e. (as noun) controller; by implication, Master (as a respectful title):-- God, Lord, master, Sir.

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