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Hebrews 9:18 plusieurs versions / traductions

English Bible Translations

Hebrews 9:18 / KJV
18. Whereupon neither the first testament was dedicated without blood.
Hebrews 9:18 / ASV
18. Wherefore even the first [covenant] hath not been dedicated without blood.
Hebrews 9:18 / BasicEnglish
18. So that even the first agreement was not made without blood.
Hebrews 9:18 / Darby
18. Whence neither the first was inaugurated without blood.
Hebrews 9:18 / Webster
18. Hence even the first testament was not dedicated without blood.
Hebrews 9:18 / Young
18. whence not even the first apart from blood hath been initiated,

German Bible Translations

Hebräer 9:18 / Luther
18. Daher auch das erste nicht ohne Blut gestiftet ward.
Hebräer 9:18 / Schlachter
18. Daher wurde auch der erste Bund nicht ohne Blut eingeweiht.

French Bible Translations

Hébreux 9:18 / Segond21
18. C'est pourquoi, même la première alliance a été inaugurée avec du sang.
Hébreux 9:18 / NEG1979
18. Voilà pourquoi c’est avec du sang que même la première alliance fut inaugurée.
Hébreux 9:18 / Segond
18. Voilà pourquoi c'est avec du sang que même la première alliance fut inaugurée.
Hébreux 9:18 / Darby_Fr
18. De là vient qu'aussi la première alliance n'a pas été inaugurée sans du sang.
Hébreux 9:18 / Martin
18. C'est pourquoi le premier [testament] lui-même n'a point été confirmé sans du sang.
Hébreux 9:18 / Ostervald
18. C'est pourquoi aussi la première alliance ne fut point établie sans effusion de sang.

Versions with Strong Codes

Hebrews 9 / KJV_Strong
18. Whereupon[G3606] neither[G3761] the[G3588] first[G4413] testament was dedicated[G1457] without[G5565] blood.[G129]

Strong Code definitions

G3606 hothen/hoth'-en from G3739 with the directive enclitic of source; from which place or source or cause (adverb or conjunction):--from thence, (from) whence, where(-by, -fore, -upon). see G3739

G3761 oude/oo-deh' from G3756 and 1161; not however, i.e. neither, nor, not even:--neither (indeed), never, no (more, nor, not), nor (yet), (also, even, then) not (even, so much as), + nothing, so much as. see G3756 see G1161

G3588 ho/ho, including the feminine to to in all their inflections; the definite article; the (sometimes to be supplied, at others omitted, in English idiom):--the, this, that, one, he, she, it, etc.

G4413 protos/pro'-tos contracted superlative of G4253; foremost (in time, place, order or importance):--before, beginning, best, chief(-est), first (of all), former. see G4253

G1457 egkainizo/eng-kahee-nid'-zo from G1456; to renew, i.e. inaugurate:--consecrate, dedicate. see G1456

G5565 choris/kho-rece' adverb from G5561; at a space, i.e. separately or apart from (often as preposition):--beside, by itself, without. see G5561

G129 haima/hah'-ee-mah of uncertain derivation; blood, literally (of men or animals), figuratively (the juice of grapes) or specially (the atoning blood of Christ); by implication, bloodshed, also kindred:--blood.

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