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Galatians 1:11 plusieurs versions / traductions

English Bible Translations

Galatians 1:11 / KJV
11. But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man.
Galatians 1:11 / ASV
11. For I make known to you, brethren, as touching the gospel which was preached by me, that it is not after man.
Galatians 1:11 / BasicEnglish
11. Because I say to you, my brothers, that the good news of which I was the preacher is not man's.
Galatians 1:11 / Darby
11. But I let you know, brethren, [as to] the glad tidings which were announced by me, that they are not according to man.
Galatians 1:11 / Webster
11. But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached by me is not according to man.
Galatians 1:11 / Young
11. And I make known to you, brethren, the good news that were proclaimed by me, that it is not according to man,

German Bible Translations

Galater 1:11 / Luther
11. Ich tue euch aber kund, liebe Brüder, daß das Evangelium, das von mir gepredigt ist, nicht menschlich ist.
Galater 1:11 / Schlachter
11. Ich tue euch aber kund, Brüder, daß das von mir gepredigte Evangelium nicht von Menschen stammt;

French Bible Translations

Galates 1:11 / Segond21
11. Je vous le déclare, frères et soeurs: l'Evangile que j'ai annoncé ne vient pas de l'homme.
Galates 1:11 / NEG1979
11. Je vous déclare, frères, que l’Evangile qui a été annoncé par moi n’est pas de l’homme;
Galates 1:11 / Segond
11. Je vous déclare, frères, que l'Evangile qui a été annoncé par moi n'est pas de l'homme;
Galates 1:11 / Darby_Fr
11. Or je vous fais savoir, frères, que l'évangile qui a été annoncé par moi n'est pas selon l'homme.
Galates 1:11 / Martin
11. Or mes frères, je vous déclare que l'Evangile que j'ai annoncé, n'est point selon l'homme.
Galates 1:11 / Ostervald
11. Je vous le déclare donc, frères: l'Évangile que j'ai annoncé n'est pas de l'homme;

Versions with Strong Codes

Galatians 1 / KJV_Strong
11. But[G1161] I certify[G1107] you,[G5213] brethren,[G80] that the[G3588] gospel[G2098] which was preached[G2097] of[G5259] me[G1700] is[G2076] not[G3756] after[G2596] man.[G444]

Strong Code definitions

G1161 de/deh a primary particle (adversative or continuative); but, and, etc.:--also, and, but, moreover, now (often unexpressed in English).

G1107 gnorizo/gno-rid'-zo from a derivative of G1097; to make known; subjectively, to know:-certify, declare, make known, give to understand, do to wit, wot. see G1097

G5213 humin/hoo-min' irregular dative case of G5210; to (with or by) you:--ye, you, your(selves). see G5210

G80 adephos/ad-el-fos' from G1 (as a connective particle) and delphus (the womb); a brother (literally or figuratively) near or remote (much like 1):--brother. see G1&volume=KJV_strong' target='_self' >G1 see G1&volume=KJV_strong' target='_self' >G1

G3588 ho/ho, including the feminine to to in all their inflections; the definite article; the (sometimes to be supplied, at others omitted, in English idiom):--the, this, that, one, he, she, it, etc.

G2098 euaggelion/yoo-ang-ghel'-ee-on from the same as G2097; a good message, i.e. the gospel:-gospel. see G2097

G2097 euaggelizo/yoo-ang-ghel-id'-zo from G2095 and 32; to announce good news ("evangelize") especially the gospel:--declare, bring (declare, show) glad (good) tidings, preach (the gospel). see G2095 see G32

G5259 hupo/hoop-o' a primary preposition; under, i.e. (with the genitive case) of place (beneath), or with verbs (the agency or means, through); (with the accusative case) of place (whither (underneath) or where (below) or time (when (at)):--among, by, from, in, of, under, with. In the comparative, it retains the same general applications, especially of inferior position or condition, and specially, covertly or moderately.

G1700 emou/em-oo' a prolonged form of G3449; of me:--me, mine, my. see G3449

G2076 esti/es-tee' third person singular present indicative of G1510; he (she or it) is; also (with neuter plural) they are:--are, be(-long), call, X can(not), come, consisteth, X dure for a while, + follow, X have, (that) is (to say), make, meaneth, X must needs, + profit, + remaineth, + wrestle. see G1510

G3756 ou/oo, also (before a vowel ouch ookh a primary word; the absolute negative (compare 3361) adverb; no or not:--+ long, nay, neither, never, no (X man), none, (can-)not, + nothing, + special, un(-worthy), when, + without, + yet but. See also 3364, 3372. see G3361 see G3364 see G3372

G2596 kata/kat-ah' a primary particle; (prepositionally) down (in place or time), in varied relations (according to the case (genitive, dative or accusative) with which it is joined):--about, according as (to), after, against, (when they were) X alone, among, and, X apart, (even, like) as (concerning, pertaining to touching), X aside, at, before, beyond, by, to the charge of, (charita-)bly, concerning, + covered, (dai-)ly, down, every, (+ far more) exceeding, X more excellent, for, from ... to, godly, in(-asmuch, divers, every, -to, respect of), ... by, after the manner of, + by any means, beyond (out of) measure, X mightily, more, X natural, of (up-)on (X part), out (of every), over against, (+ your) X own, + particularly, so, through(-oughout, oughout every), thus, (un-)to(-gether, -ward), X uttermost, where(-by), with. In composition it retains many of these applications, and frequently denotes opposition, distribution, or intensity.

G444 anthropos/anth'-ro-pos from G435 and ops (the countenance; from G3700); man-faced, i.e. a human being:--certain, man. see G435 see G3700

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