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Deuteronomy 24:2 plusieurs versions / traductions

English Bible Translations

Deuteronomy 24:2 / KJV
2. And when she is departed out of his house, she may go and be another man's wife.
Deuteronomy 24:2 / ASV
2. And when she is departed out of his house, she may go and be another man's [wife].
Deuteronomy 24:2 / BasicEnglish
2. And when she has gone away from him, she may become another man's wife.
Deuteronomy 24:2 / Darby
2. And she shall depart out of his house, and go away, and may become another man's wife.
Deuteronomy 24:2 / Webster
2. And when she hath departed from his house, she may go and be another man's wife.
Deuteronomy 24:2 / Young
2. and she hath gone out of his house, and hath gone and been another man's,

German Bible Translations

Deuteronomium 24:2 / Luther
2. Wenn sie dann aus seinem Hause gegangen ist und hingeht und wird eines andern Weib,
Deuteronomium 24:2 / Schlachter
2. Wenn sie dann sein Haus verlassen hat und hingegangen und eines andern Weib geworden ist,

French Bible Translations

Deutéronome 24:2 / Segond21
2. Elle sort alors de chez lui, s'en va et peut devenir la femme d'un autre homme.
Deutéronome 24:2 / NEG1979
2. Elle sortira de chez lui, s’en ira, et pourra devenir la femme d’un autre homme.
Deutéronome 24:2 / Segond
2. Elle sortira de chez lui, s'en ira, et pourra devenir la femme d'un autre homme.
Deutéronome 24:2 / Darby_Fr
2. Et elle sortira de sa maison et s'en ira, et elle pourra être à un autre homme.
Deutéronome 24:2 / Martin
2. Et quand elle sera sortie de sa maison, et que s'en étant allée, elle se sera mariée à un autre mari;
Deutéronome 24:2 / Ostervald
2. Et si, étant sortie de sa maison, elle s'en va et devient la femme d'un autre homme,

Versions with Strong Codes

Deuteronomy 24 / KJV_Strong
2. And when she is departed[H3318] out of his house,[H4480] [H1004] she may go[H1980] and be[H1961] another[H312] man's[H376] wife.

Strong Code definitions

H3318 yatsa' yaw-tsaw' a primitive root; to go (causatively, bring) out, in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively, direct and proxim.:--X after, appear, X assuredly, bear out, X begotten, break out, bring forth (out, up), carry out, come (abroad, out, thereat, without), + be condemned,depart(-ing, -ure), draw forth, in the end, escape, exact, fail, fall (out), fetch forth (out), get away (forth, hence, out), (able to, cause to, let) go abroad (forth, on, out), going out, grow, have forth (out), issue out, lay (lie) out, lead out, pluck out, proceed, pull out, put away, be risen, Xscarce, send with commandment, shoot forth, spread, spring out, stand out, X still, X surely, take forth (out), at any time, X to (and fro), utter.

H4480 min min or minniy {min-nee'}; or minney (constructive plural){min-nay'}; (Isaiah 30:11); for H4482; properly, a part of; hence (prepositionally), from or out of in many senses (as follows):--above, after, among, at, because of, by (reason of), from (among), in, X neither, X nor, (out) of, over, since, X then, through, X whether, with.see H4482

H1004 bayith bah'-yith probably from H1129 abbreviated; a house (in the greatest variation of applications, especially family, etc.):--court, daughter, door, + dungeon, family, + forth of, X great as would contain, hangings, home(born), (winter)house(-hold), inside(-ward), palace, place, + prison, + steward, + tablet, temple, web, + within(-out).see H1129

H1980 halak haw-lak' akin to H3212; a primitive root; to walk (in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively):--(all) along,apace, behave (self), come, (on) continually, be conversant, depart, + be eased, enter, exercise (self), + follow, forth, forward, get, go (about, abroad, along, away, forward, on, out, up and down), + greater, grow, be wont to haunt, lead, march, X more and more, move (self), needs, on, pass (away), be at the point, quite, run (along), + send, speedily, spread, still, surely, + tale-bearer, + travel(-ler), walk (abroad,on, to and fro, up and down, to places), wander, wax, (way-)faring man, X be weak, whirl.see H3212

H1961 hayah haw-yaw a primitive root (compare 1933); to exist, i.e. be or become, come to pass (always emphatic, and not a mere copula or auxiliary):--beacon, X altogether, be(-come), accomplished, committed, like), break, cause, come (to pass), do, faint, fall, + follow, happen, X have, last, pertain, quit(one-)self, require, X use. see H1933

H312 'acher akh-air' from H309; properly, hinder; generally, next, other, etc.:--(an-)other man, following, next, strange. see H309

H376 'iysh eesh contracted for H582 (or perhaps rather from an unused root meaning to be extant); a man as an individual or a male person; often used as an adjunct to a more definite term (and in such cases frequently not expressed intranslation):--also, another, any (man), a certain, + champion, consent, each, every (one), fellow, (foot-,husband-)man, (good-, great, mighty) man, he, high (degree), him (that is), husband, man(-kind), + none, one, people, person, + steward, what (man) soever, whoso(-ever), worthy. Compare 802.see H582 see H802

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