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KJV Strong Code G2168 : eucharisteo/yoo-khar-is-teh'-o


G2168 eucharisteo/yoo-khar-is-teh'-o from 2170; to be grateful, i.e. (actively) to express gratitude (towards); specially, to say grace at a meal:--(give) thank(-ful, -s). see G2170

KJV Bible Verses Containing Strong Code G2168

M / Matthew 15.36 : And he took the seven loaves and the fishes, and gave thanks,[G2168] and broke them, and gave to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.
M / Matthew 26.27 : And he took the cup, and gave thanks,[G2168] and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it;
M / Mark 8.6 : And he commanded the people to sit down on the ground: and he took the seven loaves, and gave thanks,[G2168] and broke, and gave to his disciples to set before them; and they did set them before the people.
M / Mark 14.23 : And he took the cup, and when he had given thanks,[G2168] he gave it to them: and they all drank of it.
M / Luke 17.16 : And fell down on his face at his feet, giving him thanks:[G2168] and he was a Samaritan.
M / Luke 18.11 : The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank[G2168] thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican.
M / Luke 22.17 : And he took the cup, and gave thanks,[G2168] and said, Take this, and divide it among yourselves:
M / Luke 22.19 : And he took bread, and gave thanks,[G2168] and broke it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.
M / John 6.11 : And Jesus took the loaves; and when he had given thanks,[G2168] he distributed to the disciples, and the disciples to them that were set down; and likewise of the fishes as much as they would.
M / John 6.23 : (Howbeit there came other boats from Tiberias nigh unto the place where they did eat bread, after that the Lord had given thanks: )[G2168]
M / John 11.41 : Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead was laid. And Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank[G2168] thee that thou hast heard me.
M / Acts 27.35 : And when he had thus spoken, he took bread, and gave thanks[G2168] to God in presence of them all: and when he had broken it, he began to eat.
M / Acts 28.15 : And from thence, when the brethren heard of us, they came to meet us as far as Appii Forum, and The Three Taverns: whom when Paul saw, he thanked[G2168] God, and took courage.
M / Romans 1.8 : First, I thank[G2168] my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world.
M / Romans 1.21 : Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful;[G2168] but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
M / Romans 7.25 : I thank[G2168] God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.
M / Romans 14.6 : He that regardeth the day, regardeth it unto the Lord; and he that regardeth not the day, to the Lord he doth not regard it. He that eateth, eateth to the Lord, for he giveth God thanks;[G2168] and he that eateth not to the Lord he eateth not, and giveth God thanks.[G2168]
M / Romans 16.4 : Who have for my life laid down their own necks: unto whom not only I give thanks,[G2168] but also all the churches of the Gentiles.
M / 1 Corinthians 1.4 : I thank[G2168] my God always on your behalf, for the grace of God which is given you by Jesus Christ;
M / 1 Corinthians 1.14 : I thank[G2168] God that I baptized none of you, but Crispus and Gaius;
M / 1 Corinthians 10.30 : For if I by grace be a partaker, why am I evil spoken of for that for which I give thanks?[G2168]
M / 1 Corinthians 11.24 : And when he had given thanks,[G2168] he broke it, and said, Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me.
M / 1 Corinthians 14.17 : For thou verily givest thanks[G2168] well, but the other is not edified.
M / 1 Corinthians 14.18 : I thank[G2168] my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all:
M / 2 Corinthians 1.11 : Ye also helping together by prayer for us, that for the gift bestowed upon us by the means of many persons thanks may be given[G2168] by many on our behalf.
M / Ephesians 1.16 : Cease not to give thanks[G2168] for you, making mention of you in my prayers,
M / Ephesians 5.20 : Giving thanks[G2168] always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;
M / Philippians 1.3 : I thank[G2168] my God upon every remembrance of you,
M / Colossians 1.3 : We give thanks[G2168] to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you,
M / Colossians 1.12 : Giving thanks[G2168] unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:
M / Colossians 3.17 : And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks[G2168] to God and the Father by him.
M / 1 Thessalonians 1.2 : We give thanks[G2168] to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers;
M / 1 Thessalonians 2.13 : For this cause also thank[G2168] we God without ceasing, because, when ye received the word of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe.
M / 1 Thessalonians 5.18 : In every thing give thanks:[G2168] for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
M / 2 Thessalonians 1.3 : We are bound to thank[G2168] God always for you, brethren, as it is meet, because that your faith groweth exceedingly, and the charity of every one of you all toward each other aboundeth;
M / 2 Thessalonians 2.13 : But we are bound to give thanks[G2168] always to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:
M / Philemon 1.4 : I thank[G2168] my God, making mention of thee always in my prayers,
M / Revelation 11.17 : saying, We give thee thanks,[G2168] O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned.

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