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Action Biblique Suisse Church Association

The « Action Biblique » church association in Switzerland currently includes 14 churches in the French and German parts of Switzerland. Additionally the church association extens to several other countries of the world including Portugal, Italy, Boivia, and Brazil. Literally translated as biblical action, is an evangelical missionary work that began in 1907, whose initial vocation was the dissemination of the Bible.

In addition to the churches in various cantons in French and German speaking Switzerland, Action Biblique Suisse is also active in christian Youth camps known as the JAB (Jeunesse (Youth) Action Biblique). Please see our dedicated Youth ministry page for more information.

Action Biblique Suisse also runs a christian retreat center called the Berghaus (literally “house in the mountains”). It is ideally located in the region of Interlaken. Please see our Isenfluh-Berghaus page and the main Isenfluh Berghaus website for more information.

Our roots in Switzerland, Geneva and Lausanne

Biblical Action (AB) is an evangelical missionary work that began in 1907, whose initial vocation was the dissemination of the Bible.

A first Action Biblique Church was founded in Switzerland in 1914 by the ministry of the Scottish evangelist Hugh Edward Alexander (1884–1957). Trained at the Biblical Institute in Glasgow at the time of a religious revival in Wales, he came to settle in Cologny, near Geneva, on August 6, 1906. In 1919, he opened a “Missionary Biblical School ” French-speaking in Bienne which closed 1924 due to pressure from the civil authorities. In 1926, he officially created Action Biblique, a Christian denomination, and in 1928 founded the Ecole Biblique de Genève, which later became the Institut Biblique de Genève. The AB Lausanne-Renens church was founded in 1923 (and at the time it was located at the Place du Tunnel, near the Riponne in the heart of Lausanne).

In 2005, the association had 10,000 members. In 2014, the association had nearly 15 churches in Switzerland and several others in France, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Ivory Coast. As of 2017, it has 50 churches around the world.

Churches in French-speaking Switzerland

Canton of Vaud:

The Action Biblique Church of Renens has existed since 1923 (at the time it was located at the Place du Tunnel, near the Riponne). The Evangelical Church AB Lausanne-Renens is located near the EPFL (Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne) and near the University of Lausanne. The church regularly welcomes students. The church also regularly hosts the “Reconnecxions” reunion where young people from the JAB (swiss youth group /christian aports and mountaineering camps) of French-speaking Switzerland meet for moments of sharing.

AB Riviera-Vevey Church: the church moved in 2020. Services and other meetings take place at Emmaüs:

Emmaus Forum
Geneva room
Route de Fenil 40
1806 Saint-Légier

Cantons of Jura / Bern
AB Moutier Church; and AB St-Imier Church

Canton of Geneva

2 churches currently exist in Geneva.

Located in the Geneva countryside in Meinier near Anière, Cologny and Corsier, the AB Genève-Meinier Church is also easily accessible from the Left Bank districts of Geneva (Eaux-Vives, Champel, etc.). The church is regularly visited by students from the Institut Biblique de Genève, located in Cologny.

AB Genève-Servette Church: Ideally located 10 minutes walk from the Cornavin-Genève train station and from the University (Uni-Dufour, Uni-Mail) and Plainpalais.

The AB-Meinier and AB-Servette churches in Geneva regularly undertake activities together (for example,JAB activities, worship evenings).

Canton of Neuchâtel

Church AB Neuchâtel Mountains (Le Locle) and AB Neuchâtel

Canton of Valais:

The canton of Valais is a neighbor of the canton of Vaud and the AB Monthey Church regularly organizes activities with the AB Vevey Church (choir, joint worship, yearly picnic in Thorgon) as well as some activities with the church in Renens. There are regularly pastoral exchanges between the three churches (pastors are invited to preach).

Churches in German-speaking Switzerland

The churches in German-speaking Switzerland have experienced significant growth in recent years. The AB-Bern Church offers services in Gümligen, Kiesen and Burgdorf. Biblical Action is also present in Basel and Zürich, see: Gemeinde AB Basel; Gemeinde AB Zurich.

Other sister Associations are in France, Italy, Portugal, Bolivia, Brazil and Ivory Coast.

Other partners


A site dedicated to the teaching of the Word of God with important resources on a very wide variety of themes, to address in an understandable way almost all questions concerning the revelation of the Eternal to Humanity . Meeting GOD, discovering his thoughts, finding and cultivating the inner peace that stems from an intimate and personal relationship with HIM… The Bible-ouvert team wishes to accompany you in this process. The website is has become well known for itself itsel large FAQ which contains over 400 questions with detailed answers about the most profound subjects of the Bible.


Christian vacation center of the Association of Evangelical Churches Biblical Action:

Located 10 km from Interlaken, the village of Isenfluh (1100 m) faces the majestic Jungfrau (4158 m). The Berghaus overlooks the Isenfluh village and offers a magnificent view on the facing mountains. On the heights of this village of Isenfluh, is the “Berghaus”, alpine center of the Biblical Action Churches, recently renovated and with pleasant comfort (elevator, panoramic dining room, etc.), a place open to anyone who wishes to take contact with the Word of God, recharging one’s soul in a peaceful place with a marvelous view.

Train in the neighbouring mountains around Isenfluh

Each year, about ten stays are organized there, for young people and adults, families and single people, for pleasant holidays listening to the Word of God. The Berghaus-Isenfluh site accommodates 50+ people and has been the venue for the AB-Renens church weekend on several occasions in the past. Coming from Lausanne, the site is accessible by car in less than 2 hours. The Berghaus is also available for rental for Christian groups. See the Berghaus-Isenfluh website for more information.

Maison de la Bible

La Maison de la Bible:  Christian book store in Geneva but also in other locations in Europe such as Paris.

Dénomination : Société Biblique de Genève – La Maison de la Bible
Adresse : Ch. de Praz-Roussy 4bis, CP 151 CH-1032 Romanel-sur-Lausanne
Téléphone : +41 21 867 10 10

Ta Jeunesse French Magazine (Literally “Your Youth”)

Ta Jeunesse : is available 3 to 4 times a year in your mailbox or even better in that of your group of young people. You can subscribe to Ta Jeunesse (magazine for young Christians) free of charge directly on the Ta Jeunesse website.

Bible Society of Geneva

The Société Biblique de Genève is a non-profit association founded in 1917 whose primary goal is to make the Bible accessible to everyone at the lowest possible cost. Through bookstores under the name “La Maison de la Bible” in particular, it seeks to promote knowledge of the Word of God and to preserve Christian culture.

Institut Biblique de Genève

Institut Biblique de Genève: bible School in Geneva originally founded by H. E. Alexander who is the founder of the Action Bilbique evangelical church association in Switzerland.

Institut Biblique de Genève

120, Route de la Capite
CH-1253 Vandœuvres

+41 (0)22 752 14 44

Thought for the week – Acts 13:47


Acts 13 / ASV
47. For so hath the Lord commanded us, [saying], I have set thee for a light of the Gentiles, That thou shouldest be for salvation unto the uttermost part of the earth.


Taken from the sermon notes (French only) :Actes #16: Evangéliser au naturel (Actes 13) 15-08-2021. Sermon in video format is available on YouTube or in format audio/podcast. Read Acts 13 online in the American Standard Version (ASV) or Darby.