Evangelical Church Action Biblique Lausanne

IMPORTANT NOTE: currently all activities at the evangelical church Action Bibilique de Renens – Lausanne are in French.  For the convenience of native English speakers we provide in this section an overview of the church activities.

What is an Evangelical Church and what is the « Action Biblique » Church?

An Evangelical Church is a large multicultural family of all ages from all walks of life who love to share moments together with the Bible and Jesus Christ at the center. A welcoming family where no one is left behind, where everyone is precious and valuable. The « Action Biblique » literally translated as biblical action, is an evangelical missionary work that began in 1907, whose initial vocation was the dissemination of the Bible. The Evangelical church in Lausanne/Renens has been in existence since 1923. Today the Biblical Action evangelical churches exists in the Canton of Vaud in Renens, Vevey and Monthey as well as in many other towns in French-speaking Switzerland and German-speaking Switzerland.

Please drop in and visit! Church services are on Sunday at 10 and finish around 11:15 followed by a time of fellowship where people enjoy time together. Services include a preliminary welcome time, singing led by the musicians and singers as well as a bible based sermon 25-40 minutes dependeing on the speaker. Currently the lead pastor Patrice Berger is sequentially preaching through the book of Acts.

Prior to the COVID pandemic, we regularly served coffee and snacks after the service, however due to the restrictions in place we have temporarily postponed the coffee, however the community continues enjoying the fellowship time just outside the church after the service. We expect the coffee to restart as soon as certain aspects of the COVID situations are clarified. Currently mask wearing inside is compulsory in accordance with the federal guidlines in place. Alcohol solution is provided at the entrance for washing hands (also an obligation).

Please visit our access page, where you will find everything you need to join us! The church is ideally located near the A1 highway exit Malley. It is also easily accssible from the center of Lausanne.

Bible Studies / Home Groups

Home Groups meet once a week with the goal of maturing in faith through Bible study. The groups are formed according to people involved and their geographical locations.

Currently, in view of the pandemic, our groups are meeting through Zoom. Please contact us if you would like to join a group. Normally, the groups meet either at the church in Renens or are invited by one of the group leader in Lausanne and surrounding areas (Prilly, Préverenge, Cossonay, Crissier etc.).

Currently we are studying the Book of Revelation. This study is given by Zoom and is open to all (contact us! ). (Bible Study is in French).

Who is the teacher?

Pierre Constant has been an Associate Professor of the New Testament at the Toronto Baptist Seminary (https://tbs.edu) since 2003. Married with four now adult children, Pierre and his wife and family serve at the Plateau Christian Church in Gatineau, Quebec (https://eglise-plateau.ca). In addition to his responsibilities as a full-time professor, Pierre is involved in the training of young adults as a mentor and facilitator, teacher and trainer for university students.

Also committed to developing teaching materials, he also serves as a preacher and teacher at conferences in Canada and Europe.

He is the author of “Overview of the Gospels”, a training manual published by the Séminaire Baptiste Évangélique du Québec.

Youth Activities

Switzerland boasts a large number of youth nature camps organized by various organizations such as the scouts and others, many of which operate under the Jeunesse et Sports affiliation. Action Biblique organizes a large number of youth camps for all age groups and throughout the year which also are affiliated to Jeunesse et Sports. Discover through our website and various links, the JAB (Jeunesse Action Biblique), which translates to Action Biblique youth. (JAB) is an evangelical Christian youth organization. Camps are organized throuth the Association of Evangelical Churches of Action Biblique Suisse. The camps feature various sports mostly taking place in the mountains (hiking, kayaking, skiing, overnight camping etc). Many of the camps are affiliate with the “Jeunesse et Sports” which require specific training for the counselors supervising the camps. Activities are also regularly organized with the other AB churches in the Canton of Vaud (AB-Vevey, AB-Monthey) as well as the other churches in French-speaking Switzerland. Larger camps and get togethers are also organized with some of the Action Biblique churches in France (particularly the ski-camp in Contamines which takes place yearly at the end of December.

Thought / Verse for the day ; Acts 4:12

Acts 4 / Darby
12. And salvation is in none other, for neither is there another name under heaven which is given among men by which we must be saved.

There is a unique fact in the history of humanity: Jesus is both a perfect man and fully God! Never again will it be. It is also one of the aspects that leads to the conclusion that there are no other means of salvation outside of the Jesus Christ in the Bible. There is no other Name, because there is none of His nature, the perfect humanity of Jesus and His divinity. Don’t we tend to invent stories just because the facts are extraordinary? Lots of biblical or extra-biblical facts show us that He (Jesus Christ) truly is God!


Extracted from the sermon notes (notes html). The sermon by Patrice Berger entitled La faiblesse apparente de la naissance de Jésus dated 2021_12_19 is available (French only) on YonTube or in audio podcast form. Read the verses in their context =>Acts 4:12 KJV or Acts 4 in the ASV version.