Action Biblique : Church History


Action Biblique Suisse is one of the fruits of the Ministry of Scottish Evangelist Hugh  Edward Alexander (1884 – 1957). Trained at the Biblical Institute in Glasgow, at the time of revival in Wales, he came to Cologny, near Geneva, on 6 August 1906. A zealous witness of Jesus Christ, he was a world missionary and at the core of his values was a strong biblical faith. His vocation was based on the texts of Acts 1:8, and Genesis 13.14-15, Jeremiah 1.18-19 and Acts 1:8.

The Video (French only) contains a hand drawn animation of the church history.

Development of the church in switzerland and around the world

H.-E. Alexander alongside Colonel Albin Peyron from 1912 to 1916 participated in many envagelization campaigns that gave Switzerland its awakening. The revival of Switzerland began in 1910 and continued over a decade. By 1916, H.-E. Alexander had devoted himself to teaching and his ministry of apologetics..

Noting that the so-called new theology, jeopardized the faith of the young converted, they published a monthly biblical teaching, « The Witness » and created « The Biblical Alliance. « In 1919 he opened a » Missionary Bible School at Ried on Biel. A few years later, the United Bible became « L’Action Biblique and a Bible School was established in Cologny, it subsequently became the Bible Institute of Geneva.  See the website of the Bible Institute of Geneva IBG (website primarily in French).

Through the ministry of former students, the missionary outreach of the Action Biblique extends to Italy, Yugoslavia, Spain, Portugal, North Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, India, Central Asia and West Africa and Brazil. Many of these early missionaries go simply by relying on God and the exercise of their profession to support themselves. The spread of Sacred Scripture, the preaching of the Gospel biblical teaching gave birth to churches united by a single confession of faith. Today Action Biblique churches have formed associations in Brazil, Côte d’Ivoire, France, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland.

Ezekiel 14 / Darby
3. Son of man, these men have set up their idols in their heart, and put the stumbling-block of their iniquity before their face: should I be inquired of at all by them?

And what causes depression? These are things not acquired or lost to which we nevertheless attach much consideration! Those things that we carry in our hearts that eventually become the goal of our life. God said of Israel that they carry their idols in their hearts. Do we not also carry idols in our hearts? Things that take the place of God because we hope to find in them our identity, our security or even our value as Timothy Keller explains so well in his book entitled ‘the idols of the heart’? What is paradoxical is that without knowing it, we still sometimes ask God to offer us these things. Read the verses in their context =>Ezekiel 14:3 KJV or Ezekiel 14 in the ASV version.