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KJV_Strong : Mark 12


1. And[G2532] he began[G756] to speak[G3004] unto them[G846] by[G1722] parables.[G3850] A certain man[G444] planted[G5452] a vineyard,[G290] and[G2532] set an hedge about[G4060] [G5418] it, and[G2532] digged[G3736] a place for the wine vat,[G5276] and[G2532] built[G3618] a tower,[G4444] and[G2532] let it out[G1554] [G846] to husbandmen,[G1092] and[G2532] went into a far country.[G589]

2. And[G2532] at the[G3588] season[G2540] he sent[G649] to[G4314] the[G3588] husbandmen[G1092] a servant,[G1401] that[G2443] he might receive[G2983] from[G3844] the[G3588] husbandmen[G1092] of[G575] the[G3588] fruit[G2590] of the[G3588] vineyard.[G290]

3. And[G1161] they[G3588] caught[G2983] him, and beat[G1194] him,[G846] and[G2532] sent him away[G649] empty.[G2756]

4. And[G2532] again[G3825] he sent[G649] unto[G4314] them[G846] another[G243] servant;[G1401] and at him[G2548] they cast stones,[G3036] and wounded him in the head,[G2775] and[G2532] sent him away[G649] shamefully handled.[G821]

5. And[G2532] again[G3825] he sent[G649] another;[G243] and him[G2548] they killed,[G615] and[G2532] many[G4183] others;[G243] beating[G1194] some,[G3588] [G3303] and[G1161] killing[G615] some.[G3588]

6. Having[G2192] yet[G2089] therefore[G3767] one[G1520] son,[G5207] his[G848] well-beloved,[G27] he sent[G649] him[G846] also[G2532] last[G2078] unto[G4314] them,[G846] saying,[G3004] They will reverence[G1788] my[G3450] son.[G5207]

7. But[G1161] those[G1565] husbandmen[G1092] said[G2036] among[G4314] themselves,[G1438] This[G3778] is[G2076] the[G3588] heir;[G2818] come,[G1205] let us kill[G615] him,[G846] and[G2532] the[G3588] inheritance[G2817] shall be[G2071] ours.[G2257]

8. And[G2532] they took[G2983] him,[G846] and killed[G615] him, and[G2532] cast[G1544] him out[G1854] of the[G3588] vineyard.[G290]

9. What[G5101] shall therefore[G3767] the[G3588] lord[G2962] of the[G3588] vineyard[G290] do?[G4160] he will come[G2064] and[G2532] destroy[G622] the[G3588] husbandmen,[G1092] and[G2532] will give[G1325] the[G3588] vineyard[G290] unto others.[G243]

10. And have ye not[G3761] read[G314] this[G5026] Scripture;[G1124] The stone[G3037] which[G3739] the[G3588] builders[G3618] rejected[G593] is[G3778] become[G1096] the[G1519] head[G2776] of the corner: [G1137]

11. This[G3778] was[G1096] the Lord's doing,[G3844] [G2962] and[G2532] it is[G2076] marvelous[G2298] in[G1722] our[G2254] eyes?[G3788]

12. And[G2532] they sought[G2212] to lay hold on[G2902] him,[G846] but[G2532] feared[G5399] the[G3588] people:[G3793] for[G1063] they knew[G1097] that[G3754] he had spoken[G2036] the[G3588] parable[G3850] against[G4314] them:[G846] and[G2532] they left[G863] him,[G846] and went their way.[G565]

13. And[G2532] they send[G649] unto[G4314] him[G846] certain[G5100] of the[G3588] Pharisees[G5330] and[G2532] of the[G3588] Herodians,[G2265] to[G2443] catch[G64] him[G846] in his words.[G3056]

14. And[G1161] when they[G3588] were come,[G2064] they say[G3004] unto him,[G846] Master,[G1320] we know[G1492] that[G3754] thou art[G1488] true,[G227] and[G2532] [G3756] carest[G3199] [G4671] for[G4012] no man:[G3762] for[G1063] thou regardest[G991] not[G3756] the[G1519] person[G4383] of men,[G444] but[G235] teachest[G1321] the[G3588] way[G3598] of God[G2316] in[G1909] truth:[G225] Is it lawful[G1832] to give[G1325] tribute[G2778] to Caesar,[G2541] or[G2228] not?[G3756]

15. Shall we give,[G1325] or[G2228] shall we not[G3361] give?[G1325] But[G1161] he,[G3588] knowing[G1492] their[G846] hypocrisy,[G5272] said[G2036] unto them,[G846] Why[G5101] tempt[G3985] ye me?[G3165] bring[G5342] me[G3427] a penny,[G1220] that[G2443] I may see[G1492] it.

16. And[G1161] they[G3588] brought[G5342] it. And[G2532] he saith[G3004] unto them,[G846] Whose[G5101] is this[G3778] image[G1504] and[G2532] superscription?[G1923] And[G1161] they[G3588] said[G2036] unto him,[G846] Caesar's.[G2541]

17. And[G2532] Jesus[G2424] answering[G611] said[G2036] unto them,[G846] Render[G591] to Caesar[G2541] the things[G3588] that are Caesar's,[G2541] and[G2532] to God[G2316] the things[G3588] that are God's.[G2316] And[G2532] they marveled[G2296] at[G1909] him.[G846]

18. Then[G2532] come[G2064] unto[G4314] him[G846] the Sadducees,[G4523] which[G3748] say[G3004] there is[G1511] no[G3361] resurrection;[G386] and[G2532] they asked[G1905] him,[G846] saying,[G3004]

19. Master,[G1320] Moses[G3475] wrote[G1125] unto us,[G2254] If[G1437] a man's[G5100] brother[G80] die,[G599] and[G2532] leave[G2641] his wife[G1135] behind him, and[G2532] leave[G863] no[G3361] children,[G5043] that[G2443] his[G848] brother[G80] should take[G2983] his[G846] wife,[G1135] and[G2532] raise up[G1817] seed[G4690] unto his[G846] brother.[G80]

20. Now there were[G2258] seven[G2033] brethren:[G80] and[G2532] the[G3588] first[G4413] took[G2983] a wife,[G1135] and[G2532] dying[G599] left[G863] no[G3756] seed.[G4690]

21. And[G2532] the[G3588] second[G1208] took[G2983] her,[G846] and[G2532] died,[G599] neither[G3761] left[G863] he[G846] any seed:[G4690] and[G2532] the[G3588] third[G5154] likewise.[G5615]

22. And[G2532] the[G3588] seven[G2033] had[G2983] her,[G846] and[G2532] left[G863] no[G3756] seed:[G4690] last[G2078] of all[G3956] the[G3588] woman[G1135] died[G599] also.[G2532]

23. In[G1722] the[G3588] resurrection[G386] therefore,[G3767] when[G3752] they shall rise,[G450] whose[G5101] wife[G1135] shall she be[G2071] of them?[G846] for[G1063] the[G3588] seven[G2033] had[G2192] her[G846] to wife.[G1135]

24. And[G2532] Jesus[G2424] answering[G611] said[G2036] unto them,[G846] Do ye not[G3756] therefore[G1223] [G5124] err,[G4105] because ye know[G1492] not[G3361] the[G3588] Scriptures,[G1124] neither[G3366] the[G3588] power[G1411] of God?[G2316]

25. For[G1063] when[G3752] they shall rise[G450] from[G1537] the dead,[G3498] they neither[G3777] marry,[G1060] nor[G3777] are given in marriage;[G1061] but[G235] are[G1526] as[G5613] the angels[G32] which[G3588] are in[G1722] heaven.[G3772]

26. And[G1161] as touching[G4012] the[G3588] dead,[G3498] that[G3754] they rise: [G1453] have ye not[G3756] read[G314] in[G1722] the[G3588] book[G976] of Moses,[G3475] how[G5613] in[G1909] the[G3588] bush[G942] God[G2316] spake[G2036] unto him,[G846] saying,[G3004] I[G1473] am the[G3588] God[G2316] of Abraham,[G11] and[G2532] the[G3588] God[G2316] of Isaac,[G2464] and[G2532] the[G3588] God[G2316] of Jacob?[G2384]

27. He is[G2076] not[G3756] the[G3588] God[G2316] of the dead,[G3498] but[G235] the God[G2316] of the living: [G2198] ye[G5210] therefore[G3767] do greatly[G4183] err.[G4105]

28. And[G2532] one[G1520] of the[G3588] scribes[G1122] came,[G4334] and having heard[G191] them[G846] reasoning together,[G4802] and perceiving[G1492] that[G3754] he had answered[G611] them[G846] well,[G2573] asked[G1905] him,[G846] Which[G4169] is[G2076] the first[G4413] commandment[G1785] of all?[G3956]

29. And[G1161] Jesus[G2424] answered[G611] him,[G846] The first[G4413] of all[G3956] the[G3588] commandments[G1785] is, Hear,[G191] O Israel;[G2474] The Lord[G2962] our[G2257] God[G2316] is[G2076] one[G1520] Lord: [G2962]

30. And[G2532] thou shalt love[G25] the Lord[G2962] thy[G4675] God[G2316] with[G1537] all[G3650] thy[G4675] heart,[G2588] and[G2532] with[G1537] all[G3650] thy[G4675] soul,[G5590] and[G2532] with[G1537] all[G3650] thy[G4675] mind,[G1271] and[G2532] with[G1537] all[G3650] thy[G4675] strength: [G2479] this[G3778] is the first[G4413] commandment.[G1785]

31. And[G2532] the second[G1208] is like,[G3664] namely this,[G3778] Thou shalt love[G25] thy[G4675] neighbor[G4139] as[G5613] thyself.[G4572] There is[G2076] none[G3756] other[G243] commandment[G1785] greater[G3187] than these.[G5130]

32. And[G2532] the[G3588] scribe[G1122] said[G2036] unto him,[G846] Well,[G2573] Master,[G1320] thou hast said[G2036] the[G1909] truth:[G225] for[G3754] there is[G2076] one[G1520] God;[G2316] and[G2532] there is[G2076] none[G3756] other[G243] but[G4133] he: [G846]

33. And[G2532] to love[G25] him[G846] with[G1537] all[G3650] the[G3588] heart[G2588] and[G2532] with[G1537] all[G3650] the[G3588] understanding,[G4907] and[G2532] with[G1537] all[G3650] the[G3588] soul,[G5590] and[G2532] with[G1537] all[G3650] the[G3588] strength,[G2479] and[G2532] to love[G25] his neighbor[G4139] as[G5613] himself,[G1438] is[G2076] more[G4119] than all[G3956] whole burnt offerings[G3646] and[G2532] sacrifices.[G2378]

34. And[G2532] when Jesus[G2424] saw[G1492] that[G3754] he answered[G611] discreetly[G3562] he said[G2036] unto him,[G846] Thou art[G1488] not[G3756] far[G3112] from[G575] the[G3588] kingdom[G932] of God.[G2316] And[G2532] no man[G3762] after that[G3765] durst[G5111] ask[G1905] him[G846] any question.

35. And[G2532] Jesus[G2424] answered[G611] and said,[G3004] while he taught[G1321] in[G1722] the[G3588] temple,[G2411] How[G4459] say[G3004] the[G3588] scribes[G1122] that[G3754] Christ[G5547] is[G2076] the son[G5207] of David?[G1138]

36. For[G1063] David[G1138] himself[G846] said[G2036] by[G1722] the[G3588] Holy[G40] Ghost,[G4151] the[G3588] LORD[G2962] said[G2036] to my[G3450] LORD,[G2962] Sit[G2521] thou on[G1537] my[G3450] right hand,[G1188] till[G2193] [G302] I make[G5087] thine[G4675] enemies[G2190] thy footstool.[G5286] [G4675] [G4228]

37. David[G1138] therefore[G3767] himself[G846] calleth[G3004] him[G846] Lord;[G2962] and[G2532] whence[G4159] is[G2076] he then his[G846] son?[G5207] And[G2532] the[G3588] common[G4183] people[G3793] heard[G191] him[G846] gladly.[G2234]

38. And[G2532] he said[G3004] unto them[G846] in[G1722] his[G848] doctrine,[G1322] Beware[G991] of[G575] the[G3588] scribes,[G1122] which love[G2309] to go[G4043] in[G1722] long clothing,[G4749] and[G2532] love salutations[G783] in[G1722] the[G3588] marketplaces,[G58]

39. And[G2532] the chief seats[G4410] in[G1722] the[G3588] synagogues,[G4864] and[G2532] the uppermost rooms[G4411] at[G1722] feasts: [G1173]

40. Which devour[G2719] widows'[G5503] houses,[G3614] and[G2532] for a pretence[G4392] make long prayers: [G4336] [G3117] these[G3778] shall receive[G2983] greater[G4055] damnation.[G2917]

41. And[G2532] Jesus[G2424] sat[G2523] over against[G2713] the[G3588] treasury,[G1049] and beheld[G2334] how[G4459] the[G3588] people[G3793] cast[G906] money[G5475] into[G1519] the[G3588] treasury:[G1049] and[G2532] many[G4183] that were rich[G4145] cast in[G906] much.[G4183]

42. And[G2532] there came[G2064] a certain[G3391] poor[G4434] widow,[G5503] and she threw in[G906] two[G1417] mites,[G3016] which make[G3603] a farthing.[G2835]

43. And[G2532] he called[G4341] unto him his[G848] disciples,[G3101] and saith[G3004] unto them,[G846] Verily[G281] I say[G3004] unto you,[G5213] That[G3754] this[G3778] poor[G4434] widow[G5503] hath cast more in,[G906] [G4119] than all[G3956] they which have cast[G906] into[G1519] the[G3588] treasury: [G1049]

44. For[G1063] all[G3956] they did cast in[G906] of[G1537] their[G846] abundance;[G4052] but[G1161] she[G3778] of[G1537] her[G848] want[G5304] did cast in[G906] all[G3956] that[G3745] she had,[G2192] even all[G3650] her[G848] living.[G979]

chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

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