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KJV_Strong : Matthew 1


1. The book[G976] of the generation[G1078] of Jesus[G2424] Christ,[G5547] the son[G5207] of David,[G1138] the son[G5207] of Abraham.[G11]

2. Abraham[G11] begat[G1080] Isaac;[G2464] and[G1161] Isaac[G2464] begat[G1080] Jacob;[G2384] and[G1161] Jacob[G2384] begat[G1080] Judas[G2455] and[G2532] his[G846] brethren;[G80]

3. And[G1161] Judas[G2455] begat[G1080] Phares[G5329] and[G2532] Zara[G2196] of[G1537] Tamar;[G2283] and[G1161] Phares[G5329] begat[G1080] Esrom;[G2074] and[G1161] Esrom[G2074] begat[G1080] Aram;[G689]

4. And[G1161] Aram[G689] begat[G1080] Aminadab;[G284] and[G1161] Aminadab[G284] begat[G1080] Naasson;[G3476] and[G1161] Naasson[G3476] begat[G1080] Salmon;[G4533]

5. And[G1161] Salmon[G4533] begat[G1080] Boaz[G1003] of[G1537] Rahab;[G4477] and[G1161] Boaz[G1003] begat[G1080] Obed[G5601] of[G1537] Ruth;[G4503] and[G1161] Obed[G5601] begat[G1080] Jesse;[G2421]

6. And[G1161] Jesse[G2421] begat[G1080] David[G1138] the[G3588] king;[G935] and[G1161] David[G1138] the[G3588] king[G935] begat[G1080] Solomon[G4672] of[G1537] her[G3588] that had been the wife of Uriah;[G3774]

7. And[G1161] Solomon[G4672] begat[G1080] Roboam;[G4497] and[G1161] Roboam[G4497] begat[G1080] Abia;[G7] and[G1161] Abia[G7] begat[G1080] Asa;[G760]

8. And[G1161] Asa[G760] begat[G1080] Jehoshaphat;[G2498] and[G1161] Jehoshaphat[G2498] begat[G1080] Joram;[G2496] and[G1161] Joram[G2496] begat[G1080] Ozias;[G3604]

9. And[G1161] Ozias[G3604] begat[G1080] Joatham;[G2488] and[G1161] Joatham[G2488] begat[G1080] Achaz;[G881] and[G1161] Achaz[G881] begat[G1080] Ezekias;[G1478]

10. And[G1161] Ezekias[G1478] begat[G1080] Manasses;[G3128] and[G1161] Manasses[G3128] begat[G1080] Amon;[G300] and[G1161] Amon[G300] begat[G1080] Josiah;[G2502]

11. And[G1161] Josiah[G2502] begat[G1080] Jechoniah[G2423] and[G2532] his[G846] brethren,[G80] about[G1909] the[G3588] time they were carried away[G3350] to Babylon: [G897]

12. And[G1161] after[G3326] they[G3588] were brought[G3350] to Babylon,[G897] Jechoniah[G2423] begat[G1080] Shealtiel;[G4528] and[G1161] Shealtiel[G4528] begat[G1080] Zorobabel;[G2216]

13. And[G1161] Zorobabel[G2216] begat[G1080] Abiud;[G10] and[G1161] Abiud[G10] begat[G1080] Eliakim;[G1662] and[G1161] Eliakim[G1662] begat[G1080] Azor;[G107]

14. And[G1161] Azor[G107] begat[G1080] Sadoc;[G4524] and[G1161] Sadoc[G4524] begat[G1080] Achim;[G885] and[G1161] Achim[G885] begat[G1080] Eliud;[G1664]

15. And[G1161] Eliud[G1664] begat[G1080] Eleazar;[G1648] and[G1161] Eleazar[G1648] begat[G1080] Matthan;[G3157] and[G1161] Matthan[G3157] begat[G1080] Jacob;[G2384]

16. And[G1161] Jacob[G2384] begat[G1080] Joseph[G2501] the[G3588] husband[G435] of Mary,[G3137] of[G1537] whom[G3739] was born[G1080] Jesus,[G2424] who[G3588] is called[G3004] Christ.[G5547]

17. So[G3767] all[G3956] the[G3588] generations[G1074] from[G575] Abraham[G11] to[G2193] David[G1138] are fourteen[G1180] generations;[G1074] and[G2532] from[G575] David[G1138] until[G2193] the[G3588] carrying away[G3350] into Babylon[G897] are fourteen[G1180] generations;[G1074] and[G2532] from[G575] the[G3588] carrying away[G3350] into Babylon[G897] unto[G2193] Christ[G5547] are fourteen[G1180] generations.[G1074]

18. Now[G1161] the[G3588] birth[G1083] of Jesus[G2424] Christ[G5547] was[G2258] on this wise:[G3779] When as[G1063] his[G846] mother[G3384] Mary[G3137] was espoused[G3423] to Joseph,[G2501] before[G4250] they[G846] came together,[G4905] she was found with child[G2147] [G2192] [G1722] [G1064] of[G1537] the Holy[G40] Ghost.[G4151]

19. Then[G1161] Joseph[G2501] her[G846] husband,[G435] being[G5607] a just[G1342] man, and[G2532] not[G3361] willing[G2309] to make her a public example,[G3856] [G846] was minded[G1014] to put her away[G630] [G846] privily.[G2977]

20. But[G1161] while he[G846] thought[G1760] on these things,[G5023] behold,[G2400] the angel[G32] of the Lord[G2962] appeared[G5316] unto him[G846] in[G2596] a dream,[G3677] saying,[G3004] Joseph,[G2501] thou son[G5207] of David,[G1138] fear[G5399] not[G3361] to take[G3880] unto thee Mary[G3137] thy[G4675] wife;[G1135] for[G1063] that which is conceived[G1080] in[G1722] her[G846] is[G2076] of[G1537] the Holy[G40] Ghost.[G4151]

21. And[G1161] she shall bring forth[G5088] a son,[G5207] and[G2532] thou shalt call[G2564] his[G846] name[G3686] JESUS:[G2424] for[G1063] he[G846] shall save[G4982] his[G848] people[G2992] from[G575] their[G846] sins.[G266]

22. Now[G1161] all[G3650] this[G5124] was done,[G1096] that[G2443] it might be fulfilled[G4137] which[G3588] was spoken[G4483] of[G5259] the[G3588] Lord[G2962] by[G1223] the[G3588] prophet,[G4396] saying,[G3004]

23. Behold,[G2400] a virgin[G3933] shall be with child,[G2192] [G1722] [G1064] and[G2532] shall bring forth[G5088] a son,[G5207] and[G2532] they shall call[G2564] his[G846] name[G3686] Emmanuel,[G1694] which[G3739] being interpreted[G3177] is,[G2076] God[G2316] with[G3326] us.[G2257]

24. Then[G1161] Joseph[G2501] being raised[G1326] from[G575] sleep[G5258] did[G4160] as[G5613] the[G3588] angel[G32] of the Lord[G2962] had bidden[G4367] him,[G846] and[G2532] took[G3880] unto him his[G848] wife: [G1135]

25. And[G2532] knew[G1097] her[G846] not[G3756] till[G2193] she had brought forth[G5088] her[G848] firstborn[G4416] son:[G5207] and[G2532] he called[G2564] his[G846] name[G3686] JESUS.[G2424]

chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

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