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KJV_Strong : Judges 1


1. Now after[H310] the death[H4194] of Joshua[H3091] it came to pass,[H1961] that the children[H1121] of Israel[H3478] asked[H7592] the LORD,[H3068] saying,[H559] Who[H4310] shall go up[H5927] for us against[H413] the Canaanites[H3669] first,[H8462] to fight[H3898] against them?

2. And the LORD[H3068] said,[H559] Judah[H3063] shall go up:[H5927] behold,[H2009] I have delivered[H5414] [H853] the land[H776] into his hand.[H3027]

3. And Judah[H3063] said[H559] unto Simeon[H8095] his brother,[H251] Come up[H5927] with[H854] me into my lot,[H1486] that we may fight[H3898] against the Canaanites;[H3669] and I[H589] likewise[H1571] will go[H1980] with[H854] thee into thy lot.[H1486] So Simeon[H8095] went[H1980] with[H854] him.

4. And Judah[H3063] went up;[H5927] and the LORD[H3068] delivered[H5414] [H853] the Canaanites[H3669] and the Perizzites[H6522] into their hand:[H3027] and they slew[H5221] of them in Bezek[H966] ten[H6235] thousand[H505] men.[H376]

5. And they found[H4672] [H853] Adoni-bezek[H137] in Bezek:[H966] and they fought[H3898] against him, and they slew[H5221] [H853] the Canaanites[H3669] and the Perizzites.[H6522]

6. But Adoni-bezek[H137] fled;[H5127] and they pursued[H7291] after[H310] him, and caught[H270] him, and cut off[H7112] [H853] his thumbs[H931] [H3027] and his great toes.[H7272]

7. And Adoni-bezek[H137] said,[H559] Threescore and ten[H7657] kings,[H4428] having their thumbs[H931] [H3027] and their great toes[H7272] cut off,[H7112] gathered[H3950] their meat under[H8478] my table:[H7979] as[H834] I have done,[H6213] so[H3651] God[H430] hath requited[H7999] me. And they brought[H935] him to Jerusalem,[H3389] and there[H8033] he died.[H4191]

8. Now the children[H1121] of Judah[H3063] had fought[H3898] against Jerusalem,[H3389] and had taken[H3920] it, and smitten[H5221] it with the edge[H6310] of the sword,[H2719] and set[H7971] the city[H5892] on fire.[H784]

9. And afterward[H310] the children[H1121] of Judah[H3063] went down[H3381] to fight[H3898] against the Canaanites,[H3669] that dwelt[H3427] in the mountain,[H2022] and in the south,[H5045] and in the valley.[H8219]

10. And Judah[H3063] went[H1980] against[H3413] the Canaanites[H3669] that dwelt[H3427] in Hebron:[H2275] (now the name[H8034] of Hebron[H2275] before[H6440] was Kirjath-arba: )[H7153] and they slew[H5221] [H853] Sheshai,[H8344] and Ahiman,[H289] and Talmai.[H8526]

11. And from thence[H4480] [H8033] he went[H1980] against[H413] the inhabitants[H3427] of Debir:[H1688] and the name[H8034] of Debir[H1688] before[H6440] was Kirjath-sepher: [H7158]

12. And Caleb[H3612] said,[H559] He that[H834] smiteth[H5221] [H853] Kirjath-sepher,[H7158] and taketh[H3920] it, to him will I give[H5414] [H853] Achsah[H5919] my daughter[H1323] to wife.[H802]

13. And Othniel[H6274] the son[H1121] of Kenaz,[H7073] Caleb's[H3612] younger[H6996] brother,[H251] took[H3920] it: and he gave[H5414] him[H853] Achsah[H5919] his daughter[H1323] to wife.[H802]

14. And it came to pass,[H1961] when she came[H935] to him, that she moved[H5496] him to ask[H7592] of[H4480] [H854] her father[H1] a field:[H7704] and she lighted[H6795] from off[H4480] [H5921] her ass;[H2543] and Caleb[H3612] said[H559] unto her, What[H4100] wilt thou?

15. And she said[H559] unto him, Give[H3051] me a blessing:[H1293] for[H3588] thou hast given[H5414] me a south[H5045] land;[H776] give[H5414] me also springs[H1543] of water.[H4325] And Caleb[H3612] gave[H5414] her[H853] the upper[H5942] springs[H1543] and the nether[H8482] springs.[H1543]

16. And the children[H1121] of the Kenite,[H7017] Moses'[H4872] father-in-law,[H2859] went up[H5927] out of the city[H4480] [H5892] of palm trees[H8558] with[H854] the children[H1121] of Judah[H3063] into the wilderness[H4480] [H4057] of Judah,[H3063] which[H834] lieth in the south[H5045] of Arad;[H6166] and they went[H1980] and dwelt[H3427] among[H854] the people.[H5971]

17. And Judah[H3063] went[H1980] with[H854] Simeon[H8095] his brother,[H251] and they slew[H5221] [H853] the Canaanites[H3669] that inhabited[H3427] Zephath,[H6857] and utterly destroyed[H2763] it. And[H853] the name[H8034] of the city[H5892] was called[H7121] Hormah.[H2767]

18. Also Judah[H3063] took[H3920] [H853] Gaza[H5804] with[H853] the coast[H1366] thereof, and Askelon[H831] with the coast[H1366] thereof, and Ekron[H6138] with the coast[H1366] thereof.

19. And the LORD[H3068] was[H1961] with[H854] Judah;[H3063] and he drove out[H3423] [H853] the inhabitants of the mountain;[H2022] but[H3588] could not[H3808] drive out[H3423] [H853] the inhabitants[H3427] of the valley,[H6010] because[H3588] they had chariots[H7393] of iron.[H1270]

20. And they gave[H5414] [H853] Hebron[H2275] unto Caleb,[H3612] as[H834] Moses[H4872] said:[H1696] and he expelled[H3423] thence[H4480] [H8033] [H853] the three[H7969] sons[H1121] of Anak.[H6061]

21. And the children[H1121] of Benjamin[H1144] did not[H3808] drive out[H3423] the Jebusites[H2983] that inhabited[H3427] Jerusalem;[H3389] but the Jebusites[H2983] dwell[H3427] with[H854] the children[H1121] of Benjamin[H1144] in Jerusalem[H3389] unto[H5704] this[H2088] day.[H3117]

22. And the house[H1004] of Joseph,[H3130] they[H1992] also[H1571] went up[H5927] against Bethel:[H1008] and the LORD[H3068] was with[H5973] them.

23. And the house[H1004] of Joseph[H3130] sent to descry[H8446] Bethel.[H1008] (Now the name[H8034] of the city[H5892] before[H6440] was Luz.)[H3870]

24. And the spies[H8104] saw[H7200] a man[H376] come forth[H3318] out of[H4480] the city,[H5892] and they said[H559] unto him, Show[H7200] us, we pray thee,[H4994] [H853] the entrance[H3996] into the city,[H5892] and we will show[H6213] [H5973] thee mercy.[H2617]

25. And when he showed[H7200] them[H853] the entrance[H3996] into the city,[H5892] they smote[H5221] [H853] the city[H5892] with the edge[H6310] of the sword;[H2719] but they let go[H7971] the man[H376] and all[H3605] his family.[H4940]

26. And the man[H376] went[H1980] into the land[H776] of the Hittites,[H2850] and built[H1129] a city,[H5892] and called[H7121] the name[H8034] thereof Luz:[H3870] which[H1931] is the name[H8034] thereof unto[H5704] this[H2088] day.[H3117]

27. Neither[H3808] did Manasseh[H4519] drive out[H3423] [H853] the inhabitants of Beth-shean[H1052] and her towns,[H1323] nor Taanach[H8590] and her towns,[H1323] nor the inhabitants[H3427] of Dor[H1756] and her towns,[H1323] nor the inhabitants[H3427] of Ibleam[H2991] and her towns,[H1323] nor the inhabitants[H3427] of Megiddo[H4023] and her towns:[H1323] but the Canaanites[H3669] would[H2974] dwell[H3427] in that[H2063] land.[H776]

28. And it came to pass,[H1961] when[H3588] Israel[H3478] was strong,[H2388] that they put[H7760] [H853] the Canaanites[H3669] to tribute,[H4522] and did not[H3808] utterly drive them out.[H3423] [H3423]

29. Neither[H3808] did Ephraim[H669] drive out[H3423] [H853] the Canaanites[H3669] that dwelt[H3427] in Gezer;[H1507] but the Canaanites[H3669] dwelt[H3427] in Gezer[H1507] among[H7130] them.

30. Neither[H3808] did Zebulun[H2074] drive out[H3423] [H853] the inhabitants[H3427] of Kitron,[H7003] nor the inhabitants[H3427] of Nahalol;[H5096] but the Canaanites[H3669] dwelt[H3427] among[H7130] them, and became[H1961] tributaries.[H4522]

31. Neither[H3808] did Asher[H836] drive out[H3423] [H853] the inhabitants[H3427] of Accho,[H5910] nor the inhabitants[H3427] of Zidon,[H6721] nor of Ahlab,[H303] nor of Achzib,[H392] nor of Helbah,[H2462] nor of Aphik,[H663] nor of Rehob: [H7340]

32. But the Asherites[H843] dwelt[H3427] among[H7130] the Canaanites,[H3669] the inhabitants[H3427] of the land:[H776] for[H3588] they did not[H3808] drive them out.[H3423]

33. Neither[H3808] did Naphtali[H5321] drive out[H3423] [H853] the inhabitants[H3427] of Beth-shemesh,[H1053] nor the inhabitants[H3427] of Beth-anath;[H1043] but he dwelt[H3427] among[H7130] the Canaanites,[H3669] the inhabitants[H3427] of the land:[H776] nevertheless the inhabitants[H3427] of Beth-shemesh[H1053] and of Beth-anath[H1043] became[H1961] tributaries[H4522] unto them.

34. And the Amorites[H567] forced[H3905] [H853] the children[H1121] of Dan[H1835] into the mountain:[H2022] for[H3588] they would not[H3808] suffer[H5414] them to come down[H3381] to the valley: [H6010]

35. But the Amorites[H567] would[H2974] dwell[H3427] in mount[H2022] Heres[H2776] in Aijalon,[H357] and in Shaalbim:[H8169] yet the hand[H3027] of the house[H1004] of Joseph[H3130] prevailed,[H3513] so that they became[H1961] tributaries.[H4522]

36. And the coast[H1366] of the Amorites[H567] was from the going up[H4480] [H4608] to Akrabbim,[H6137] from the rock,[H4480] [H5553] and upward.[H4605]

chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

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