Learn / Study English Using the Basic English Bible!

Learn / Study English Using the Basic English Bible!

The Bible in Basic English (BBE) contains 1000 words and as such it is an ideal tool for starting to learn the English language. Note that even withthe Basic English Bible vocabulary, one cannot claim fluency in English. As a comparison, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), such as C1 or C2, claims that you are essentially fluent at the C1/C2 level where one should be able to

· Understand with ease virtually everything heard or read

· Summarize information from different spoken and written sources

· Reconstruct arguments and accounts

· Express themselves spontaneously

Someone holding C2 level would have an active vocabulary of 10,000 and a passive vocabulary of around 20,000. That’s in line with what information shows is the average for a native speaker to know. This is in the range of the vocabulary employed in the KJV version of the bible, however the vocabulary in that Bible as well as the grammatical constructions are more literay. For people who speak English as a second language, the older style of English in the popular King James Version Bible might as well doesn’t look like the English you learn in the classroom. This unusual style of writing makes it hard for anyone except highly advanced students to read and understand the KJV Bible.

It is well known that another method that language learners use to achieve fluency faster is to focus only on high-frequency words. In other words, they quickly learn the words that people use the most, and thus gain the ability to communicate well with most native speakers in that target language. The Bible in Basic English natually contains a large list of high frequency words, and the audio version combined with the online text version are ideal for studying English.

Beginners: Get Started with Learning English from the Bible: Key Links

Basic English Bible (1000 word vocabulary) : Old Testament (Genesis-Malachi) / New Testament (Matthew – Revelation)

or the Basic English 1 year reading plan

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Intermediate / Advanced English Learners : King James Version

For those wishing to take their english to the next level using biblical Christian literature, the King James Version (KJV) is available on our site in text form (20000 words vocabulary, literary style) : Old Testament (Genesis-Malachi) / New Testament (Matthew – Revelation)

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