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KJV_Strong : Matthew 8


1. When[G1161] he[G846] was come down[G2597] from[G575] the[G3588] mountain,[G3735] great[G4183] multitudes[G3793] followed[G190] him.[G846]

2. And,[G2532] behold,[G2400] there came[G2064] a leper[G3015] and worshiped[G4352] him,[G846] saying,[G3004] Lord,[G2962] if[G1437] thou wilt,[G2309] thou canst[G1410] make me clean.[G2511] [G3165]

3. And[G2532] Jesus[G2424] put forth[G1614] his hand,[G5495] and touched[G680] him,[G846] saying,[G3004] I will;[G2309] be thou clean. And[G2511] [G2532] immediately[G2112] his[G846] leprosy[G3014] was cleansed.[G2511]

4. And[G2532] Jesus[G2424] saith[G3004] unto him,[G846] See[G3708] thou tell[G2036] no man;[G3367] but[G235] go thy way,[G5217] show[G1166] thyself[G4572] to the[G3588] priest,[G2409] and[G2532] offer[G4374] the[G3588] gift[G1435] that[G3739] Moses[G3475] commanded,[G4367] for[G1519] a testimony[G3142] unto them.[G846]

5. And[G1161] when Jesus[G2424] was entered[G1525] into[G1519] Capernaum,[G2584] there came[G4334] unto him[G846] a centurion,[G1543] beseeching[G3870] him,[G846]

6. And[G2532] saying,[G3004] Lord,[G2962] my[G3450] servant[G3816] lieth[G906] at[G1722] home[G3614] sick of the palsy,[G3885] grievously[G1171] tormented.[G928]

7. And[G2532] Jesus[G2424] saith[G3004] unto him,[G846] I[G1473] will come[G2064] and heal[G2323] him.[G846]

8. [G2532] The[G3588] centurion[G1543] answered[G611] and said,[G5346] Lord,[G2962] I am[G1510] not[G3756] worthy[G2425] that[G2443] thou shouldest come[G1525] under[G5259] my[G3450] roof:[G4721] but[G235] speak[G2036] the word[G3056] only,[G3440] and[G2532] my[G3450] servant[G3816] shall be healed.[G2390]

9. [G2532] For[G1063] I[G1473] am a[G1510] man[G444] under[G5259] authority,[G1849] having[G2192] soldiers[G4757] under[G5259] me:[G1683] and[G2532] I say[G3004] to this[G5129] man, Go,[G4198] and[G2532] he goeth;[G4198] and[G2532] to another,[G243] Come,[G2064] and[G2532] he cometh;[G2064] and[G2532] to my[G3450] servant,[G1401] Do[G4160] this,[G5124] and[G2532] he doeth[G4160] it.

10. When[G1161] Jesus[G2424] heard[G191] it, he marveled,[G2296] and[G2532] said[G2036] to them that followed,[G190] Verily[G281] I say[G3004] unto you,[G5213] I have not found[G2147] so great[G5118] faith,[G4102] no, not[G3761] in[G1722] Israel.[G2474]

11. And[G1161] I say[G3004] unto you,[G5213] That[G3754] many[G4183] shall come[G2240] from[G575] the east[G395] and[G2532] west,[G1424] and[G2532] shall sit down[G347] with[G3326] Abraham,[G11] and[G2532] Isaac,[G2464] and[G2532] Jacob,[G2384] in[G1722] the[G3588] kingdom[G932] of heaven.[G3772]

12. But[G1161] the[G3588] children[G5207] of the[G3588] kingdom[G932] shall be cast out[G1544] into[G1519] outer[G1857] darkness: [G4655] there[G1563] shall be[G2071] weeping[G2805] and[G2532] gnashing[G1030] of teeth.[G3599]

13. And[G2532] Jesus[G2424] said[G2036] unto the[G3588] centurion,[G1543] Go thy way;[G5217] and[G2532] as[G5613] thou hast believed,[G4100] so be it done[G1096] unto thee. And[G4671] [G2532] his[G846] servant[G3816] was healed[G2390] in[G1722] the selfsame[G1565] hour.[G5610]

14. And[G2532] when Jesus[G2424] was come[G2064] into[G1519] Peter's[G4074] house,[G3614] he saw[G1492] his[G846] wife's mother[G3994] laid,[G906] and[G2532] sick of a fever.[G4445]

15. And[G2532] he touched[G680] her[G846] hand,[G5495] and[G2532] the[G3588] fever[G4446] left[G863] her:[G846] and[G2532] she arose,[G1453] and[G2532] ministered[G1247] unto them.[G846]

16. When[G1161] the even[G3798] was come,[G1096] they brought[G4374] unto him[G846] many[G4183] that were possessed with devils:[G1139] and[G2532] he cast out[G1544] the[G3588] spirits[G4151] with his word,[G3056] and[G2532] healed[G2323] all[G3956] that were sick:[G2192] [G2560]

17. That[G3704] it might be fulfilled[G4137] which was spoken[G4483] by[G1223] Isaiah[G2268] the[G3588] prophet,[G4396] saying,[G3004] Himself[G846] took[G2983] our[G2257] infirmities,[G769] and[G2532] bare[G941] our sicknesses.[G3554]

18. Now[G1161] when Jesus[G2424] saw[G1492] great[G4183] multitudes[G3793] about[G4012] him,[G846] he gave commandment[G2753] to depart[G565] unto[G1519] the[G3588] other side.[G4008]

19. And[G2532] a certain[G1520] scribe[G1122] came,[G4334] and said[G2036] unto him,[G846] Master,[G1320] I will follow[G190] thee[G4671] whithersoever[G3699] [G1437] thou goest.[G565]

20. And[G2532] Jesus[G2424] saith[G3004] unto him,[G846] The[G3588] foxes[G258] have[G2192] holes,[G5454] and[G2532] the[G3588] birds[G4071] of the[G3588] air[G3772] have nests;[G2682] but[G1161] the[G3588] Son[G5207] of man[G444] hath[G2192] not[G3756] where[G4226] to lay[G2827] his head.[G2776]

21. And[G1161] another[G2087] of his[G846] disciples[G3101] said[G2036] unto him,[G846] Lord,[G2962] suffer[G2010] me[G3427] first[G4412] to go[G565] and[G2532] bury[G2290] my[G3450] father.[G3962]

22. But[G1161] Jesus[G2424] said[G2036] unto him,[G846] Follow[G190] me;[G3427] and[G2532] let[G863] the[G3588] dead[G3498] bury[G2290] their[G1438] dead.[G3498]

23. And[G2532] when he[G846] was entered[G1684] into[G1519] a ship,[G4143] his[G846] disciples[G3101] followed[G190] him,[G846]

24. And,[G2532] behold,[G2400] there arose[G1096] a great[G3173] tempest[G4578] in[G1722] the[G3588] sea,[G2281] insomuch that[G5620] the[G3588] ship[G4143] was covered[G2572] with[G5259] the[G3588] waves:[G2949] but[G1161] he[G846] was asleep.[G2518]

25. And[G2532] his[G846] disciples[G3101] came[G4334] to him and awoke[G1453] him,[G846] saying,[G3004] Lord,[G2962] save[G4982] us:[G2248] we perish.[G622]

26. And[G2532] he saith[G3004] unto them,[G846] Why[G5101] are[G2075] ye fearful,[G1169] O ye of little faith?[G3640] Then[G5119] he arose,[G1453] and rebuked[G2008] the[G3588] winds[G417] and[G2532] the[G3588] sea;[G2281] and[G2532] there was[G1096] a great[G3173] calm.[G1055]

27. But[G1161] the[G3588] men[G444] marveled,[G2296] saying,[G3004] What manner of man[G4217] is[G2076] this,[G3778] that[G3754] even[G2532] the[G3588] winds[G417] and[G2532] the[G3588] sea[G2281] obey[G5219] him![G846]

28. And[G2532] when he[G846] was come[G2064] to[G1519] the[G3588] other side[G4008] into[G1519] the[G3588] country[G5561] of the[G3588] Gergesenes,[G1086] there met[G5221] him[G846] two[G1417] possessed with devils,[G1139] coming[G1831] out[G1537] of the[G3588] tombs,[G3419] exceeding[G3029] fierce,[G5467] so that[G5620] no[G3361] man[G5100] might[G2480] pass[G3928] by[G1223] that[G1565] way.[G3598]

29. And,[G2532] behold,[G2400] they cried out,[G2896] saying,[G3004] What have we to do with thee,[G5101] [G2254] [G4671] Jesus,[G2424] thou Son[G5207] of God?[G2316] art thou come[G2064] hither[G5602] to torment[G928] us[G2248] before[G4253] the time?[G2540]

30. And[G1161] there was[G2258] a good way off[G3112] from[G575] them[G846] an herd[G34] of many[G4183] swine[G5519] feeding.[G1006]

31. So[G1161] the[G3588] devils[G1142] besought[G3870] him,[G846] saying,[G3004] If[G1487] thou cast us out,[G1544] [G2248] suffer[G2010] us[G2254] to go away[G565] into[G1519] the[G3588] herd[G34] of swine.[G5519]

32. And[G2532] he said[G2036] unto them,[G846] Go. And[G5217] [G1161] when they were come out,[G1831] they went[G565] into[G1519] the[G3588] herd[G34] of swine:[G5519] and,[G2532] behold,[G2400] the[G3588] whole[G3956] herd[G34] of swine[G5519] ran violently[G3729] down[G2596] a steep place[G2911] into[G1519] the[G3588] sea,[G2281] and[G2532] perished[G599] in[G1722] the[G3588] waters.[G5204]

33. And[G1161] they that kept[G1006] them fled,[G5343] and[G2532] went their ways[G565] into[G1519] the[G3588] city,[G4172] and[G2532] told[G518] every thing,[G3956] and[G2532] what was befallen[G3588] to the[G3588] possessed of the devils.[G1139]

34. And,[G2532] behold,[G2400] the[G3588] whole[G3956] city[G4172] came out[G1831] to meet[G1519] [G4877] Jesus:[G2424] and[G2532] when they saw[G1492] him,[G846] they besought[G3870] him that[G3704] he would depart[G3327] out of[G575] their[G846] coasts.[G3725]

chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

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