Why support us?
Our ministry is entirely and exclusively funded by donations from members and friends.
Each franc contributed contributes 100% to the promotion of the proclamation of the Gospel.
Our accounts are checked and presented twice a year to the members of AB Renens church assembly.

How to do it ?
If you wish to support us, on an ad hoc or regular basis, you can do so in several ways:

a) You can make a donation directly on Sunday morning, during the time of offering.

b) a direct electronic fund transfer to :

Action Biblique Renens
IBAN : CH53 0900 0000 1013 6331 9
BIC / Swift de PostFinance : POFICHBEXXX
Nom et adresse :
PostFinance SA,
Mingerstrasse 20,
3030 Berne,

Thank you for your generosity!