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KJV Strong Code H5348 : naqod naw-kode'


H5348 naqod naw-kode' from an unused root meaning to mark (by puncturing or branding); spotted:--speckled.

KJV Bible Verses Containing Strong Code H5348

M / Genesis 30.32 : I will pass through all thy flock today, removing from thence all the speckled[H5348] and spotted cattle, and all the brown cattle among the sheep, and the spotted and speckled[H5348] among the goats: and of such shall be my hire.
M / Genesis 30.33 : So shall my righteousness answer for me in time to come, when it shall come for my hire before thy face: every one that is not speckled[H5348] and spotted among the goats, and brown among the sheep, that shall be counted stolen with me.
M / Genesis 30.35 : And he removed that day the he goats that were ringstreaked and spotted, and all the she goats that were speckled[H5348] and spotted, and every one that had some white in it, and all the brown among the sheep, and gave them into the hand of his sons.
M / Genesis 30.39 : And the flocks conceived before the rods, and brought forth cattle ringstreaked, speckled,[H5348] and spotted.
M / Genesis 31.8 : If he said thus, The speckled[H5348] shall be thy wages; then all the cattle bore speckled:[H5348] and if he said thus, The ringstreaked shall be thy hire; then bore all the cattle ringstreaked.
M / Genesis 31.10 : And it came to pass at the time that the cattle conceived, that I lifted up mine eyes, and saw in a dream, and, behold, the rams which leaped upon the cattle were ringstreaked, speckled,[H5348] and grizzled.
M / Genesis 31.12 : And he said, Lift up now thine eyes, and see, all the rams which leap upon the cattle are ringstreaked, speckled,[H5348] and grizzled: for I have seen all that Laban doeth unto thee.

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