English Summary Translation

Please note that currently all activities at the evangelical church Action Bibilique de Renens – Lausanne are in French.  For the convenience of native English speakers we provide in this section an overview of the church activities.


The Chruch is ideally located at the exit of the A1 highway in the direction of Lausanne (exit Lausanne/Malley).  

The church is also easily accessible by public transport from the center of Lausanne (Flon)  by taking the M1 to bourdonnette and then walking.  (see map below).

Plan d'accès pour venir à l'église en transport publique depuis Lausanne (Flon) , place St. Francçois ou le centre de Lausanne.

Photo of the front of the building.

le devant du batiment de l'église évangélique action biblique de Renens


Parking is available at the Censuy parking on the road facing the back of the church (Avenue du Censuy,
1020 Renens).  Additionally  a few spots are available in front of the building and behind the building as illustrated below along with entrance to places behind the church, followed by parking spots behind the building.

Places de parks devant l'église côté de la rue
Entrée vers les place de parks derrière l'église
places de parks derrière le bâtiment

Thought for the Week

Nothing but jesus! The heart, the life of the Gospel, is one person, Jesus Christ

Acts 4

11. He is the stone which you builders had no use for, but which has been made the chief stone of the building.
12. And in no other is there salvation: for there is no other name under heaven, given among men, through which we may have salvation.

Taken from the sermon notes (French only) Acts #14: The Gospel for pagans More than a right, a goal: its expansion also available on YouTube (French only). Read Acts 11 online in the King James Version (KJV) , American Standard Version (ASV), Darby, or Basic English Version Version .